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  • davidthegnome (2355 posts)
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    Dear Democrats

    Dear Democrats,

    You have fallen. Your party that once supported the working class, the power of the people… life, liberty – and the pursuit of happiness, has crumbled. You have lost election after election, lied to, manipulated – and cheated the very people who voted you into office. You have supported illegal foreign wars and then allowed those responsible to walk free. You have permitted the illegal torture of prisoners of war – things for which, some decades ago, we hanged Nazi leaders.

    I do not say this from a point of moral superiority. I do not sit in some white tower, nor even a filthy basement, making these judgments upon you. I say this as someone who went along with all of it. As someone who knew what you were doing. I did this because I felt that your ability to create change for the better still remained. I did this because I felt that you were superior to the alternative, republican party. Not so long ago, I proudly stood alongside the voters for lesser evils. Not so long ago, I ignored what my heart and mind knew and cast my votes for those I did not trust.

    Everything you have done – I, along with many others, enabled you to do. For decades, we have worked and slept, living our own lives without doing the back-breaking, soul challenging work of creating real change, of opposing corruption, the persecution and slaughter of innocents. Oh, perhaps we wrote about it on facebook or political forums. Perhaps we marched in the streets, perhaps we even gave money to campaigns for reform (such as that of Bernie Sanders)… however, we did not do the things that would have disabled your crimes to continue. We did not successfully vote you out of office. We did not stand against you, we did not declare ourselves free of you and cast you off.

    Not then. We still had some hope. Why, even a Clinton must be better than a Trump – that was the rallying battle cry of 2016: “We aren’t AS bad!” That, even if true (which I now doubt) is no longer good enough. So many of you have betrayed your principles and your base for the sake of greed, pragmatism and security. You have sacrificed many freedoms, made many compromises with those who are uncompromising. This has come in the form of illegal war, tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans (which most of you are among), enabling corporate powers to control much of our legislation, infrastructure, media… and so much else.

    Whatever you once stood for, perhaps in the time of FDR… you now have abandoned. So, it is with a heavy conscience for my own lack of foresight, for my own culpability in your crimes.. that I cast you off as you so righteously deserve. No longer will I stand by those who do not stand by us. No longer will I cast my votes for lesser evils, or permit the corruption, manipulation and betrayal of my people.

    I do not stand alone – though if I did, I would still do thus. It is the right thing to do – and the only thing you have left for me. As you and your class long ago joined the wealthy elite in declaring war upon the unwashed masses, I now declare my own upon you. Not one that threatens violence, for, liberal that I am I would not support such. Rather, I will support your downfall, your fading into utter irrelevancy. Out of the ashes of your destruction a new party will rise. A party of the people, for the people – and by the people. None of which you are.

    Your days are numbered. While once I devoted much of my time and effort to your success, I now devote it to your failure. You are no better than the republicans. In some ways you are worse – a wolf in sheep’s clothing. A smiling assassin with a dagger behind his back. No more. The years to come will see the end of you – and I look forward to assisting in that endeavor.

    This change will come no matter how you fight it. So I ask you – all of you, to jump ship. Cast off whatever corporate alliances you have made in the name of security and wealth. Cut your ties with the criminals you know and work with. Come with me. Support the creation of a people’s party. Not just a new party – but a new form of government, a new way of life, that will be better for all of us.

    Full disclosure, full transparency. We will take all of our skeletons out of the closet and dance with them. We will enforce campaign finance reform, renewable energy – an end to the corporate welfare programs you (and I) were once instrumental in helping create. It is not too late to save our people, our Nation, or our world… but we must act.

    Here is your chance – the time is now. We may never have another.

    nevereVereven, Ejbr, beltanefauve and 49 othersScott Crowder, HeartoftheMidwest, mmonk, incognito, B Calm, winter is coming, disillusioned73, Scuba, closeupready, eridani, hopemountain, Art from Ark, libodem, Half Century Man, Harold, dorkzilla, Piperay, xynthee, Jefferson23, Fuddnik, bbgrunt, Dragonfli, HomerRamone, Enthusiast, kliljedahl, jhart3333, Ferd Berfel, Ohio Barbarian, chknltl, jwirr, Ichingcarpenter, Baba OhReally, dlegendary1, Flying Squirrel, Abelenkpe, Populist Prole, Land of Enchantment, ASimpleGame, Xyzse, glinda, ravensong, DamnYankeeInHouston, Coldmountaintrail, NV Wino, daleanime, Betty Karlson, joentokyo, TIME TO PANIC, hypergrove like this
    “There is no distinctly native American criminal class save Congress.” - Mark Twain

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16 replies
  • TIME TO PANIC (647 posts)
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    1. K & R!


    "We Tortured Some Folks" - Barack Obama
  • hypergrove (276 posts)
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    2. Show us the damn budget

    I want to see whether the people’s money is being spent ethically. I thank Donna for opening this box.

    I want to know who are these consultants who created “research” to which HRC campaign had full access while Bernie’s campaign had none.

    J ! Justice, Democrats, Justice ! P ! Primary the Corporatists ! R ! Roosevelt’s 2nd Bill of Rights !
    • joentokyo (924 posts)
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      3. You may have coined the name of the new party, The People's Party!

      “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ~Albert Einstein    
      • hypergrove (276 posts)
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        5. Well…

        I’d prefer the name Common Wealth Party



        (Edited to add a space after ‘common’ because otherwise I’d be referencing an odious party of that un-spaced name.)


        J ! Justice, Democrats, Justice ! P ! Primary the Corporatists ! R ! Roosevelt’s 2nd Bill of Rights !
  • ravensong (2216 posts)
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    4. Thank you for saving me the time and trouble of writing that letter.

    Well done.

    Destabilize the 1%.  "Together, together, my friends, we have begun a political revolution to transform America, and that revolution, our revolution, continues"... ~ Bernie
  • area woman (6001 posts)
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    6. This has been posted on The Daily Radical.

    I'm so cute I shit kittens.
  • Ohio Barbarian (8523 posts)
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    7. Outstanding open letter. Great minds think alike. I was actually thinking about

    writing one myself after talking to an old friend of mine who agrees with me on most issues but always falls into the LOTE trap and had the nerve to tell me, after the Brazile revelations, that “everybody just needs to shut up and get in line.” I told him I would never shut up, and as far reforming the Democratic Party, I’m tired of  :banghead: . We need not only a new party, but a new political movement based on getting corporate money out of politics, social and economic justice, and peace.

    Can I post this on my Facebook page? I have some friends whom I would love to see read this.

    Give us the courage to do what is right, and if it means civil war, then let it come. --John Quincy Adams   
    • davidthegnome (2355 posts)
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      11. Post away

      I may put it on mine later

      “There is no distinctly native American criminal class save Congress.” - Mark Twain
  • Enthusiast (12612 posts)
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    8. Kicked and Recommended to the fucking Max!

    David, they suck. They have no redeeming qualities. Hillary and Bill are the worst followed by Schumer, Feinstein and Pelosi. The higher they have achieved in the party the more unscrupulous they are.

    "I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." Thomas Jefferson
  • Piperay (736 posts)
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    9. YES!!!

  • libodem (1032 posts)
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    10. Posting bug sorry

  • hopemountain (2484 posts)
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    12. multiply this call by millions!

    let’s do it…

    "economic and environmental justice is spiritual work." ~ tom b. k. goldtooth .... "Be a nuisance where it counts, do your part to inform and stimulate the public to join your action. Be depressed, discouraged, and disappointed at failure and the disheartening effects of ignorance, greed, corruption and bad politics—but never give up.” - Marjory Stoneman Douglas  (1890-1998), journalist, environmentalist, activist.  
  • disillusioned73 (636 posts)
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    13. Amen, brother Gnome!!


    I’ve officially cast my last “lesser of 2 evil” vote in 2016.. no mas, & I am now in a battleground state thanks to the DNC’s willful incompetence..

    Also, get out & vote today – local elections matter.. ;)

    "Certainly there are some people in the Democratic Party who want to maintain the status quo. They would rather go down with the Titanic so long as they have first-class seats." - Bernie Sanders
  • coderEmeritus (632 posts)
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    14. I couldn't..

    … have said it better.  How I feel exactly.

  • mmonk (2925 posts)
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    15. Two thumbs up. No mas.

  • nevereVereven (4549 posts)
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    16. Heartily recommended!

    A hologram of a magnifying glass will also function as a magnifying glass, but a hologram of Sherlock Holmes won't solve anything.