'Death sentence': butterfly sanctuary to be bulldozed for Trump's border wall

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      On any given day at the National Butterfly Center in Mission, Texas, visitors can to see more than 60 varieties of butterflies. In the spring and fall, monarchs and other species can blanket the center’s 100 acres of subtropical bushlands that extend from the visitor center to to the banks of the Rio Grande river, where their property, and US sovereignty, ends.

      “It’s like something from Fantasia,” said the center’s director, Marianna Wright. “When you walk you have to cover your mouth so you don’t suck in a butterfly.”

      Today the most diverse butterfly sanctuary in the country, and other protected areas in the lower Rio Grande Valley along the US-Mexico border, are under threat. Last week, the US supreme court issued a ruling allowing the Trump administration to waive 28 federal laws, including the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Air Act, and begin construction on 33 new miles of border wall in the heart of the valley – and right through the butterfly center.

      “Environmental tourism contributes more than $450m to Hidalgo and Starr counties,” said Wright, referring to the adjacent counties in the valley. “Many of the properties people choose to visit to see birds, butterflies and threatened and endangered species are all going to be behind the border wall. For us, the economic impact is potentially catastrophic.”

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      It may be the last time. They are in trouble anyway, from pesticides and what have you, now they lose a critical sanctuary and may go the way of the polar bears just so Trump can have his wall.

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      Nothing more gentle, more uplifting than a butterfly.

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      They won’t be happy until we’re all sitting on brutalist blocks, reading bible verses, listening to Trump speeches and subsisting on gmo corn

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      And, they aren’t wearing MAGA hats when migrating!

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