Debunking Four Mistruths About Venezuela’s Humanitarian Aid Showdown

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    Heard how Maduro blocked food and medicine from entering Venezuela on February 23? VA exposes the maelstrom of media lies about the US-led border siege.

    February 23 saw the latest attempt by the White House, its right-wing regional allies, and self-proclaimed “Interim President” Juan Guaido to oust the Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro, this time by trying to undermine Maduro’s authority and forcibly violate Venezuela’s borders under the pretext of bringing in “humanitarian aid.”

    Given that not a single truck, boat or plane entered the country, and that Venezuela’s armed forces remained steadfast in their defence of the national sovereignty, it can be said that Trump’s and Guaido’s primary objectives were a failure.

    They did, however, achieve some level of success in their secondary goal of further satanizing Maduro in the eyes of the world.

    By provoking a series of violent confrontations along the Colombian and Brazilian borders, the Trump-backed opposition has managed to manufacture a false narrative designed to delegitimize the Maduro government and justify further foreign military intervention. This narrative has been uncritically disseminated by the international corporate media. In what follows, we debunk four lies repeated ad nauseam by the mainstream press.

    1. Who burnt the aid trucks?

    One of the oft-repeated lies is that Maduro ordered the burning of two large aid-laden trucks attempting to cross the bridge which connects Venezuela and Colombia in Ureña.

    Mainstream media latched on to the story, stating as fact that “Two [trucks] were burnt to a cinder and two were stolen by Mr Maduro’s forces,” as The Telegraph reports.


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    Ohio Barbarian
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    Interesting. Sounds like some thugs didn’t get paid off by other thugs, and the “aid” trucks were burned by some thugs on the Colombian side of the border, which means the Venezuelan government forces couldn’t have done it.

    A critical point our M$M never mentions is that the International Red Cross is refusing to accept American government aid because it it “politicized.” My understanding is that it takes a lot to persuade the IRC to take such a step.

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      Johnny Rash
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      International Red Cross is refusing to accept American government aid because it it “politicized.”

      Thanks for this one…. right now it’s priceless! 

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    Passionate Progressive
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    The purpose of ‘US humanitarian aid’ is not necessarily to provide food and medicine of which it is a fig-leaf.  If the aid does get through the aid goes to Guaido and NOT the legitimate Venezuelan Govt.  Then it’s Guaido who gets credit and ‘looks presidential’ while the legitimate Venezuelan Govt. gets delegitimized.   Another role of the aid is to create an ‘incident’ that makes the Maduro Govt. respond – then the Maduro Govt. can be accused of utilizing violence, etc., etc.  and the Guaido opposition benefits by playing the role of victim.  As we have seen by the history of Elliot Abrams and in this case, the aid can hide arms shipments.   Finally, if the aid is blocked, it provides an excuse to claim the Maduro Govt. doesn’t take care of his people and there is a humanitarian crisis….

    Two things about the Guaido opposition – my guess is that a large portion of them are paid to protest.  I have seen exposes that have shown that organizing protests and mobs has become a science of stage managing actors/actresses.  Secondly, if Maduro were the despot that he’s made out to be by the US media, I doubt that Guaido and company would be walking around freely down the streets of Caracas.

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    Opposition thugs brought in by Elliot Abrams thugs started the trucks on fire by throwing their Molotov cocktails at them. There’s videos all over YouTube showing EXACTLY who did it.

    I would like to know why Guaidó hasn’t been arrested and charged with treason? Is it legal in Venezuela to lead a coup against an elected President? If not, his ass needs to be dragged to jail.

    At least we have real journalists there reporting the TRUTH. I think more people watch YouTube alternative news channels than watch the corrupt corporate owned MSM propaganda networks.

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      Passionate Progressive
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      With all of the $$ that the US / Guaido has stolen from the Venezuelan Govt., there is probably enough to hire an opposition and I suggest that is what has been done.

      Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt......Sam Adams

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