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Home Topics in Depth Activism Defeating Neoliberalism.

  • Jefferson23 (2451 posts)
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    Defeating Neoliberalism.

    By Les Leopold / AlterNet
    February 4, 2017

    * I’m snipping to the heart of the suggestions, which I found to be sound in nature..see what you think:

    In the U.S. we should be mobilizing the following areas:

    1. Organize the outsourced: We should identify and organize all those at risk from off-shoring. We need to make sure Trump and Congress hear from these actual and potential victims. Trump needs to be reminded each and every day that there are millions of jobs he must protect. At the same time we should be rounding up support for the Sanders bill to stop off-shoring.

    2. Resist:Trump has made it clear to corporate America that in exchange for job creation in the U.S. he will cut their taxes and regulations. We should demand that all tax “reforms” include a new financial speculation tax (Robin Hood Tax) on Wall Street to slow down their insatiable greed. Also, we need to fight tooth and nail against any weakening of workplace health, safety and environmental regulations. We have to destroy the Faustian bargain where jobs are protected but the workers and the communities are poisoned.

    3. Connect: More than 3 million people protested against Trump. But it is doubtful that dislocated workers and those facing outsourcing were involved in these marches. That’s because the progressive movement has gotten too comfortable with issue silos that often exclude these kinds of working-class issues. That has to change in a hurry. We need to reach out to all workers in danger of off-shoring—blue and white collar alike.

    4. Expand: Many key issues—from having the largest prison population in the world to having one the lowest life-spans—are connected through runaway inequality. Outsourcing is deeply connected to the driving force behind runaway inequality—a rapacious Wall Street and its constant pressure for higher returns. We need to broaden the outsourcing issue to include stock buybacks and the other techniques used by Wall Street to strip-mine our jobs and our communities. It’s time for a broad-based common agenda that includes a Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street, free higher education, Medicare for All, an end to outsourcing, fair trade and a guaranteed job at a living wage for all those willing and able.

    5. Educate: In order to build a sustained progressive movement we will need to develop a systematic educational campaign to counter neoliberal ideology. We need reading groups, study groups, formal classes, conferences, articles and more to undermine this pernicious ideology. Some of us are fortunate to be part of new train-the-trainer programs all over the country. We need to expand them so that we can field thousands of educators to carry this message.


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6 replies
  • ThouArtThat (2846 posts)
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    1. Reasonable Ideas – Who Will Do The Work – Progressive Organizations Are

    Often at odds with each other.

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    • Jefferson23 (2451 posts)
      Profile photo of Jefferson23

      2. Which ones? Our Revolution and Brand New Congress? I really don't know

      why they would be, but I can see how it can happen to a degree. To me, we need a Second Bill of Rights again…its pretty much covered by both groups but a drafted bill from our legislators would help, imo..to unify and end this idea of choosing identity politics or economic justice. That is a ploy the neo-liberals have thrived on for so long. Maybe we need the legislation so the neo=liberals have to pick a side and we know once and for all going forward what they intend to support.

      • ThouArtThat (2846 posts)
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        3. Who Will Support A Second Bill of Rights In the Present Political Climate?


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        • Jefferson23 (2451 posts)
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          4. I guess what I'm saying is, that's what we need to find out. I will add,

          I have no experience in politics as Bernie does and his own means to move forward may reject my idea which is for the neo-liberals to pick a side..no more hiding behind Trump is bad/worse so give me your donations even though 13 of them just sold Americans out on pharma. I would like to primary challenge those opposed to a Second Bil of Rights and I would also like to hear Trump, the alleged working mans p0litician arguments against it…his voters need to hear his reasons too.

          • Koko (2416 posts)
            Profile photo of Koko Donor

            5. Worth thinking about for the future…

            Right now it seems we are in a “sorting out” time period after the Dems having been shocked by Trump and his Victory.  The Left could figure it was coming when Sanders was considered the “Outsider” who had to be taken down,

            Trump is so terrible (coming out of the gate) that many “new ideas” based on “old ideas” may finally get a fresh look and have a chance to thrive if “The People” keep up the protests followed by real action locally.  Things are buzzing here in NC.  So much going on and lots of new people getting involved.  Hopefully, this time, enthusiasm can be sustained.  I’ve got my fingers crossed into contortions.

            Thanks!  An interesting read from Leopold.


            • Jefferson23 (2451 posts)
              Profile photo of Jefferson23

              6. I am guessing we'll get a sense of what the DNC plan is after the vote for the

              new chair.