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  • Omaha Steve (1314 posts)
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    Democrat John Norris launches bid for Iowa governor

    By Mike Brownlee

    John Norris, a Montgomery County native who worked in the administrations of Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack and President Barack Obama, has entered the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

    “I just got fed up with this governor and the Republican Legislature doing everything for special interests and not the people of Iowa,” Norris said of his decision to run.

    Norris, 58, listed health care, water quality and education among the key issues facing the state. He called the 2017 Iowa legislative session “destructive to our future.”
    “We don’t address serious concerns about access to health care in Iowa. We’re not answering the call for improvements to water in the state,” he said. “Those are examples of where I think they’ve taken the side of special interests.”

    FULL story: http://www.omaha.com/news/iowa/democrat-john-norris-launches-bid-for-iowa-governor/article_06865d4d-8923-5b2e-a2cd-62baf013d034.html


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  • zeemike (1239 posts)
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    1. What is interesting to me is.

    Finding out about who these people are.

    I took some time to look him up and he is a consummate insider who has had no other job but politics…and so has his wife although they now own a lobbying firm in Iowa.

    It seems there is a political class and it is their career…they do nothing else and I guess it is a lucrative trade because none of them are poor.

    But I am sure he will be portrayed as a Bernie man…and who else can Iowans vote for?

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