Jimmy Dore-Democrat Loser Bashes Medicare For All On CNN

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      At the 11 min. mark Jimmy shows a tweet from a JPRer.


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      The Insurance Industry has major influence with the State and National Government also with Wall Street. We know this about the Government. As for Wall Street, this is one of the reasons for not getting the Public Option which is another story.

      The reason the Insurance Industry has major influence with Wall Street is because The Insurance Industry invest heavily into Wall Street. Your insurance premiums do not go into a rainy day fund, they go directly to Wall Street. Then from Wall Street, money goes back to the insurance company for a pay out of the claims. Wall Street gets a cut coming and going.

      Yet, here is another one, The Federal Reserve which is neither Federal nor a Reserve will lose part of its influence over the economy if the Insurance Industry is taken out of Health Care. The Insurance Industry like the Banking Industry is one of the tools used the contract or expand the depending on the trends. We know The Federal Reserve controls the interest rate. The Federal also controls the economy through Reserves, or cash on hand. If The Federal Reserve wants to expand the economy it lowers the Reserves putting more money in the economy. Whereas, if The Federal Reserve wants to contract the economy it raises the Reserves taking money out. The Federal Reserve dictates the reserves of both the Banking Industry and the Insurance Industry. Taking the Insurance Industry out of Health Care will limit The Federal Reserve’s control over the economy. This is another reason for not getting the Public Option which is another story.

      Now for the “A” Hole who is calling for negotiating with insurance companies for lowering health care premiums, lowering taxes mainly for the rich and supporting a border wall while calling himself Democrat is a cynic of the worse kind. They are a cynic who believes a monetary system is not adaptable, thus more important to the existence in its current form as opposed to the ongoing existence of humankind. In short, a keeper of the status quo, doing what is easy for the short term while ignoring the long term outcome. With people like this, there is no hope nor will they give you any. These type of people need to be relegated to the back-row of public discourse.

      If you cannot dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit WC Fields

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      for providing shelter for our backward policies in favor of my funding sources.

      "There is nothing pragmatic about an incremental solution to a catastrophic problem." - Ron Placone

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