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      The Democratic Party has implemented modest reforms, but corporate power continues to dominate the party. In the fall of 2017 and early summer 2018, the Democratic National Committee voted to refuse donations from employees or corporate PACs of a handful of toxic industries that contradict the party’s platform, namely the payday loan, tobacco, gun manufacturing and fossil-fuel industries — though the ban on fossil-fuel money was effectively repealed in August 2018. Meanwhile, the DNC and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee continue to freely take big corporate donations.

      The “Better Deal for Democracy” platform that Democrats put forward for the 2018 midterms does include proposals to lessen corporate control over politics with an emphasis on campaign finance reform. But the reality of corporate leverage over the party remains largely intact. One measure of the clout corporate interests wield is revealed by analyzing how Democrats act on economic issues in states (from California to Connecticut) that they politically control. David Sirota published such an analysis in The Guardian in September. He put his conclusions in a tweet: Democrats in blue states “have used their power to block single payer & a public option, enrich Wall St, subsidize corporations, slash pensions, lay off teachers, promote fracking & engage in pay to play corruption.”

      A test of whether Democrats on Capitol Hill would side with corporate or public interests was provided this year by the GOP’s successful effort, working with powerful bank lobbyists, to weaken the Dodd-Frank Act (under the guise of helping small community banks). More than one-third of Senate Democrats joined the effort to weaken Dodd-Frank, many of whom were recipients of significant banking donations. In the House, 33 Democrats joined most Republicans to pass the measure; journalist David Dayen reported that nearly all of the 33 identify as corporate “New Democrats” (and nine were members of the Congressional Black Caucus).

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      This is all the evidence needed by this Citizen.

      • Professor Martin Gilens research and results regarding the Gilens flatline
      • Beto O’Rourke and his expose on permanent campaign fundraising called “Call Time” and “Dues”
      • DNC attorneys admitting in the DNC fraud lawsuit transcripts that primaries and caucuses don’t matter
      • The admission by Donna Brazille that the HRC campaign controlled the DNC by secret agreement

      As Chris Hedges says so eloquently, Americans cannot vote against Goldman Sachs.

      All practical levers of power are controlled by the Oligarchs, Corporations and Banks and they call the shots as evidenced by the December 2017 tax cut enriching themselves by 1.9 trillion dollars.  All the while everyday America citizens grow poorer with each passing day.

      Need more …

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      from the past – I don’t believe a word they say, and have left them permanently.  It seems so weird to read things that assume I want the same thing as the party does, with their assumption that I am on their team if they just spew the right rhetoric and lies, or perhaps as if they assume that if they keep referring to me and them as “us”, I will go along.  Nah.

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      Everything I post is just my opinion, and, honestly, I would love to be wrong.

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