Democratic candidates reject Obama's warning of going "too far left"

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    Mr. Mickeys Mom
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    … I should cross post this, too (I will), but Jeebus H. KayRHIST, it pisses me off to even HEAR Obama try to weigh in on this. Why doesn’t he just stay out of it? Because… he’s PART of the lie of what is “the left”… Talk about liar in chief… Fuck you, Barack.

    by Guardian staff and agencies, Sunday Nov 17, 2019
    Read more at Source: The Guardian

    Former president Barack Obama: ‘The average American doesn’t think we have to completely tear down the system and remake it.’ Here’s the two-faced SOB trying to yank our chain about what is right or left.

    Democratic 2020 presidential candidates have rejected criticism from former president Barack Obama, after he warned the field of White House hopefuls not to veer too far to the left because it would alienate voters.

    Though Obama did not mention anyone by name, the message he delivered before a room of Democratic donors in Washington on Friday was a clear word of caution about the candidacies of Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who are seen as two of the top-tier candidates in the crowded field.

    Sanders and Warren have called for massive structural changes and policies that would dramatically alter the role of government in Americans’ lives. The centrist wing of the party has warned for months that a far-left nominee could alienate moderate Republicans and independent voters needed to oust Donald Trump.

    Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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    Another war criminal who is not going to be tried for his war crimes.

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    Obama should just STFU and count his money.  Also I wonder what he promised Deval “vulture capitalist” Patrick in order to convince him to run.  There must have been assurances, like ease of entry into debates, endorsements, and money money money.  After all, Patrick is the guy who was going to charge the city of Boston $7500 a fucking DAY to shill for the Olympics.  That they did not get.

    I will not vote for a Vichy Dem. Period. As always, I decide who is a Vichy Dem.

    Bernie's ISSUES or Bust!

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    Cold Mountain Trail
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    President Obama decommissioned his progressive outreach team, obeyed Wall Street banks, ignored Bush-era war crimes, protected the oil industry, betrayed Indigenous peoples, and deported parents of refugee children.

    His advice is worthless.#Bernie2020

    — Scap 🌹 left turn at Albuquerque (@scapelliti) November 17, 2019

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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      Thanks for the Tweet link so I could re-tweet it and like the source of that quote!

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      Plus made it legal to kill Americans without a trial! Slaughtered thousands if not millions in his continuation of empire


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    IMO, 100 years from now, Obama will be remembered as the “progressive” president who helped save the profits of Wall Street and the health insurance industry, the self-described “Constitutional law scholar” who figuratively said “huh?” in response to the question from liberals, “what about habeas corpus?”  Not so courageous.

    And 100 years from now – 200 years since her death – Harriet Tubman, in contrast, will be regarded as one of the greatest Americans who ever lived, who put her own life on the line, many times, to help save other slaves from bondage.  THAT is courage.

    The opinions and personal views expressed herein are solely those of the author, and should never be taken seriously.

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    Y’all still mad you didn’t get a pony?

    –signed, the Sensible Woodchuck

    Slavery was the legal fiction that people can be property.
    Corporatism is the legal fiction that property can be people.

    "If you believe in god, I'm probably smarter than you." -- Tom Leykis

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    I’m not really interested in the opinion of a Republican.

    And this was the man trying his damndest to sell out democracy through the TPP and ISDS.

    But then what do I know, I’m just a F@^$ing Ret#@d after all.


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    Obama could learn a couple of lessons from a previous (arguably) War Criminal In Chief: Take up painting and shut the hell up.

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    Robot X
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    The worse thing we could do is actually fight for values we believe in like health care as a human right. We should only advocate for whatever the Republicans want except a little bit less. Unless of course it’s military spending or regime change war.

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    Yet another reminder of just how evil advertising and marketing are.

    For those who forgot (or never knew), in 2008 Obama won Adverting Age’s Marketer of the Year award.  In other words, this shameless corporate Democrat waged a slick and cynical campaign to mislead a lot of naive and often idealistic voters to support him. Like most fads or short-lived fashions, it makes you look back and go “WTF was I thinking?!” Let’s resolve not to be fooled again, shall we?


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