Democrats ‘got completely rolled’ in NDAA talks, critics say

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    The final defense authorization measure for the current fiscal year represents a victory for Republicans.

    That’s the word from a large number of angry Democrats in Congress, their supporters and, more discreetly, from many Republicans.

    Despite the widespread Democratic opposition to the $735 billion NDAA produced by House and Senate conferees, Congress is expected to send the fiscal 2020 legislation to the White House as soon as this week.

    President Donald Trump is expected to sign the measure. Republicans are generally pleased with the outcome after having fiercely resisted the earlier version  written in the Democrat-controlled House. In fact, in a stunning reversal of the norm, not a single House Republican voted for the massive Pentagon policy measure on the floor in July.

    With the specter of a possible Trump veto looming over the conference on the House and Senate bills, and with congressional Republicans standing united, the conference committee laid waste to a long list of progressive provisions that were either in the House bill or that Democrats had wanted added to the final product.


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    Completely rolling around on piles of money, that is.  More campaign material.

    I will not vote for a Vichy Dem. Period. As always, I decide who is a Vichy Dem.

    Bernie's ISSUES or Bust!

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    They got rolled,my back paw.What they did was get exactly what they secretly want and agree with Trump about.

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    I’d like to buy all those assholes for what they’re worth, and sell them for what they think they’re worth…

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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      The deal of the century, Spirochete… Absolutely right.

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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    So, let’s see. The RW vets(and chickenshit repubs) are bragging to us about defending our freedoms. (at the cost of most all major nations combined)

    Yet, we’re number 53 on the freedoms list? How much more do we have to spend to get back to number 1? (were we ever there?)

    Not sarcasm, cynicism. When are the people going to wake up?

    "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." - Asimov; "If you push something hard enough, it will fall over." - Fud's First Law of Opposition

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    This is what you happens when you get into bed with the MIC and the intelligence agencies.  You catch fleas.

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    DNC didn’t get “rolled”. DNC = Neocons & MIC, this is what they want and stand for.


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    Cold Mountain Trail
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    “With the specter of a possible Trump veto looming”

    omg!!!!  the dreaded trump veto!!!!!!

    who cares?  let him answer for it.

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    The Oligarchs have done a splendid job in making us believe that our votes can make a difference.

    This is why the number of independents is growing proportionally. This is why many voters don’t show up on election day. This is why there is a grass roots movement to “primary” (used as an adjective)  incumbents.

    The Democrats ARE Republicans. The Republicans are extremists.

    "I welcome their hatred" Franklin D Roosevelt

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    Ohio Barbarian
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    No one voted for this NDAA on principle. They voted for it because they were legally bribed to vote for it. The only good thing about this is that it shows what both Republicans and Vichy Democrats truly are. They showed us their true colors here; no false flags whatsoever.

    We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob.--Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    With Bernie Sanders, we have the receipts. --Nina Turner

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