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    Democrats sweat Clinton vs. Sanders rift

    The Hillary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders rift is bubbling up in gubernatorial primaries. It’s pulsing through the race for Democratic National Committee chairman, and shaping state party leadership contests from Hawaii to Maine.

    Long after the Democratic presidential nomination was settled, the bruising 2016 primary fight continues to divide the party, hindering Democrats’ ability to unite and prompting national party leaders to tiptoe around the issue in the hopes of avoiding an outbreak of Sanders-Clinton proxy wars. The bitter defeat at the hands of Donald Trump has exacerbated the tensions, leading to the rise of “Bernie would have won” and “Bernie’s challenge helped sink Hillary” camps, even if the battles are rarely framed in such explicit terms. Now, with the chairmanship of the DNC and party nominations in multiple 2017 races at stake, some Democrats are desperately trying to strike a balance and remind rank-and-file activists of the real enemy.

    “The old-fashioned way to do this is to purge the party, but that’s not the way things work anymore,” said former Vermont governor and DNC chairman Howard Dean….<snip>

    “There are some people who are itching to have this fight, I think it’s silly, and I think they’re going to lose.”

    Link: http://www.politico.com/story/2017/01/democrats-clinton-sanders-dnc-233648



    I haven’t heard much on the race for DNC chair so have no idea of where things stand. I’m hoping the Democrats see the light and select Keith Ellison, but I suspect the wheels are likely being greased for the establishment choice, Perez. might be why there isn’t much media discussion about the state of the race.


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  • oldandhappy (3790 posts)
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    1. The real enemy is the clinton mafia!

    The party leaders may have realized they have lost a lot in this election — a large body of progressives who know the party leadership does not care for them.  So the DNC folk can try as much as they wish to make this about not coming together under the old style umbrella, but yes those old style leaders will not win!  Progressives can do issues and not party.  That frees us to work on important issues while staying away from labels.  I am glad many people are staying in the party to fight from the inside.  Those old style leaders will think they have won, but they will sing a different song when they see what the Bernie folk have brought into the party.

    Invest in people.  Seek TRUTH.
    • The Crone (3157 posts)
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      6. One problem is the the "D" Party

      has manages to keep those who are progressive OUT. I mean I was not even allowed to phone bank from the mass phone banking room for Garamendi here in Calif when I made known my opposition to H. Clinton. This was all the way back in 2010. And all the local muckity mucks liked me until they realized I was never joining in to say how pretty Hill was, or how smart.

      On my end, I went to the Registrar of Voters office and got my own list of voters to phone.

      My big hope is that the many Bernie supporters will find a decent strategy by which to overtake and push out the Old Guard. I no longer have the energy or mental capacity to do much, but I plan on keeping fingers crossed they have the wisdom to take on this major undertaking. Should Trump be impeached or killed the task will be harder (in my view.) He had the cajones to tell off CNN reporters, just days after sock puppet Obama signed off on legislation letting all of us know that only the state-approved messages, and state-approved messengers shall be heard.

      "Let us not seek the Republican answer nor the Democratic answer but the right answer." John F. Kennedy   America is the only country that has real   lemons in its furniture polish, and artificial lemon flavoring  in its lemonade!
      • oldandhappy (3790 posts)
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        8. You are a champ!

        Thanks for the phone work.  And yes re other stuff.  I think we have to wait a year for old guard to wake up

        Invest in people.  Seek TRUTH.
  • farleftlib (1364 posts)
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    2. Dean is such a complete sellout and ignoramus

    I can’t stand listening to his tripe anymore. Of course he claims “purges” don’t work because he’d be the first to go, along with Brazile, Podesta, Brock and DWS. They had every advantage they could possibly hope for and more and they still lost. They had the entire MSM eagerly pandering and propping up their candidate yet their hubris accomplished what hubris always accomplishes – utter destruction. She couldn’t win with all that baggage along with the dirty campaigning  and instead of being conciliatory about it, they sneered and wagged their fingers at us and told us we had nowhere else to go.

    The only “rift” in the party is the establishment Dem’s stubborn refusal to recognize the fact that selling out the base while pretending to be on their side has been roundly rejected and will continue to be so.

    Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have. Margaret Mead
    • Rozinante (3694 posts)
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      3. They get corporate $ to keep populists off the Dem ballot, not to win elections.

      • MistaP (6444 posts)
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        5. more fundamentally, to keep populism off the voters' radar

        if people thought that not only were there politicians who’d work for their benefit (long-term, not pandering and pork-barrelling) but that the political system was actively fighting to keep them out of the running–well …

        http://www.salon.com/2016/11/09/the-hillary-clinton-campaign-intentionally-created-donald-trump-with-its-pied-piper-strategy/ (Third Way = Bell Curve)
        • Populist Prole (744 posts)
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          9. Bingo! Crux of the issue

          The corporate media, both televised and print, have been pushing the identity politics part as though it has a life of its own. They won’t touch populism with a ten foot pole, and the headlines ( or lack thereof ) prove it.


    • WarrenPeace (208 posts)
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      4. I agree. That sums things up pretty succinctly – nt –

      "I believe in a society where all people do well, not just the billionaires" ~ Bernie Sanders
      • Akallabeth (2234 posts)
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        They both lost, and it was for a reason, especially in Clinton’s case, she was totally out of touch with what we need. Bernie also copped out.

        He never expected to win and when he had a chance to he blew it.

        They are both seriously damaged goods. Just like Al Gore when he capitulated to Bush without a fight. Been there done that.

        This loss is going to be very costly for all of us.

        How costly, my guess is mid six figures difference per person just on health care between Bernie and everybody else. And thats ignoring the job losses and totalization agreement which will lead to privatization of Social Security just before the big shift to automation..


        "Out of many, one"
    • Major Hogwash (2777 posts)
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      10. Well, we held the door open for them, but they won't walk out on their own.

      So, we’re going to have to throw them out.

      It’s just like closing time at Murphy’s when the bartender announces, “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here!”

      Trump moya marionetka ~ Putin  
  • Colors of the Rainbow (1488 posts)
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    11. The Democratic Party establishment is too corrupt…

    …because of money.

    They still have the power.

    It is key to why I recognize that it would likely be best to not vote for the party in the congressional midterm elections of 2018.

  • Babel 17 (3381 posts)
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    12. Clinton 2016 will be an unpopular vintage

    While Sanders 2016 will only improve with age. Sanders has young, undisillusioned supporters, and he has seat in the Senate.

    Clinton has her ongoing investigations.