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  • HomerRamone (444 posts)
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    Dems Claiming a Russian Hack and Putin Control Over Trump are the New 'Birthers'

    Liberal Dems Claiming a Russian Election Hack and Putin Control Over Trump are the New ‘Birthers’

    Dave Lindorff:


    As the British newspaper the Guardian, points out, in a way that you will be hard-pressed to find reported honestly in the US corporate media, Putin, during his decade and a half of running Russia, rebuilt the Russian economy, improved the lives of average Russians immensely, and equally importantly, restored a once great nation from the status of global basket case to a major international power again. Not surprisingly, he is now one of the world’s most popular leaders…

    That’s not to say he isn’t an autocrat. He is, and he’s got a nasty record on freedom of the press and on gay rights, but that begs the question: when has a country’s being headed by an autocratic leader or even a tyrant deterred the US from having friendly relations with it? There’s no room in this article to run a list, but let’s just mention the Shah of Iran, the Chilean military-dictator Augusto Pinochet, the Brazilian and Argentine juntas in 1964 and 1976, Salazar and Franco in Portugal and Spain, and then the dictatorships in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and other countries of the Middle East. In comparison to these disturbing examples of American “friends,” Putin seems absolutely a paragon of democratic values.

    In any event, let’s hope that the mostly liberal Democrats who are being taken in by the media-induced hysteria over an imagined Russian plot to destroy American democracy and to ensconce a Manchurian-candidate Donald Trump in the White House, will come to their senses soon. There are myriad reasons to organize resistance to Donald Trump as we head into a very challenging four years of reactionary Republican control of all the levers of power in Washington, but fear of Russian control over our next president isn’t one of them. In fact, let’s hope that he at least makes good on that one campaign promise to improve US relations with Russia!

    Honestly, we just went through eight years of insane non-stop Republican paranoia claiming the Barack Obama was a secret Muslim plant in the White House, or a secret Communist, or, incredibly, both. Some even thought that he was a secret fascist too! We on the left, including liberal Dems, used to laugh at the naive inanity of it all. Yet now, how different are the liberal Democrats who are breathlessly claiming that this new president is a puppet, wittingly or unwittingly, of the evil Russian puppetmaster Vladimir Putin?

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22 replies
  • Downwinder (1735 posts)
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    1. Where do you get Liberal Dems? They are Blue Dogs, inheritors of Dixicrats.

    Form enters of the Jim Crow Laws.

    It is more of a wake than a birthing.

    • Sadie (3069 posts)
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      2. Agreed, and let's not forget

      Obama’s hot mic slip in 12 to President Dmitry Medvedev , “After my election, I will have more flexibility.”

        Wake up, peeps, their kids go to Harvard and Yale; your kids go to Iraq & Afghanistan.   
  • zeemike (1239 posts)
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    3. I realized the truth of this

    When I saw Keith Olbermann’s unhinged rant calling for a revolution…it rivaled anything on the right when Obama was elected. The only thing Trump has not been called yet is the antichrist but I could have missed that….

    You see things; and you say “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?”
    • DoctorJ (644 posts)
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      5. Of course

      One of many google hits


      Conservatives are fond of telling us what a wonderful, happy, prosperous nation this is. The only thing that matches their love of country is the remarkable indifference they show toward the people who live in it. - Michael Parenti
      • zeemike (1239 posts)
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        10. Well there you go.

        Now nothing old is left out.

        You see things; and you say “Why?” But I dream things that never were; and I say “Why not?”
  • DoctorJ (644 posts)
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    4. I tend to agree. The morons still think Hillary is going to be president

    Because…he has some kinky sexual fetishes (maybe).  at my old site there was actually sane political discussion, most of it very liberal, from 2001 until about 2009 or so.  then Tiger Beat, radfems, Fox “News” addicts, and race baiters ran off all of the FDR/JFK/LBJ dems, leaving only certifiably insane posters.  Every day a new reason Drumpf will somehow be replaced by Hillary at next week’s swearing-in.  Somewhere between 60-100 new posts on the same topic.  They are the reason the party is dead.

    Conservatives are fond of telling us what a wonderful, happy, prosperous nation this is. The only thing that matches their love of country is the remarkable indifference they show toward the people who live in it. - Michael Parenti
    • frylock (1474 posts)
      Profile photo of frylock Donor

      8. I took a gander last night. Nothing but wall-to-wall piss posts.

      These are the same idiots who have been whinging for a month about “fake news” now pimping an unverified report. It is to laugh.

      • Rozinante (3886 posts)
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        9. Yep. The 'Pissers' deserve the same ridicule as the 'Birthers'.

        theyre just gullible pawns.

        • frylock (1474 posts)
          Profile photo of frylock Donor

          11. 'Pissers'


      • whatchamacallit (1018 posts)
        Profile photo of whatchamacallit Donor

        12. A once vibrant and informative site allowed to degrade

        into an embarrassing tabloid cesspool.

        The ring is out of my nose.
        • frylock (1474 posts)
          Profile photo of frylock Donor

          14. There's one Laydee there who is clearly Bug shit crazy..

          and I’m not being glib.  She is off her fucking nut.

          • Purveyor (2622 posts)
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            15. OK. That made me {{{chuckle}}} nt

          • whatchamacallit (1018 posts)
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            22. It's sometimes hard to tell if those folks believe what they post

            or if they’re trolling the site. Either way, as long as they mix in some Clinton or establishment idolatry they can posit any nonsense and get recs from the desperate peanut gallery. I used to tease Sid about how often he’d auto-rec some newb’s pro centrist/anti left spew, only to see his new friend shit-canned a day or two later for being a conservative troll.

            The ring is out of my nose.
        • Caretha (614 posts)
          Profile photo of Caretha Banned

          21. The Borg

          has taken over.  It’s quite interesting.  I can only say that the parasite has only so many brain cells it can inhabit before it withers and folds unto itself.  Quite repulsive if you think about it.

          "But the moment eloquence or the language of debate enters, true reasoning becomes impossible. For the purpose of the debater is not to find the truth but to win the argument, and to this end he will often stray as far as possible from the real issues"   "Eloquence and debate are designed, not to decide issues, but to sway people, for this reason they lean heavily on appeals to emotion and prejudice, and make use of neat, clever, and sometimes humorous turns of phrase rather than profound analysis of ideas" "Of all this Confucious was contemptuous" Confucious by H. G. Creel 1913, Chapter "The Teacher"
  • hippiechick (1350 posts)
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    6. That's pretty much what most of America has devolved into …

    “I know you are but what am I?”

    Maybe tRump is the President this country deserves.  Ick.

    • bpilgrim (386 posts)
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      18. he is definitely a symptom of the serious problems facing our country

      coming mostly from the monied elite… from their perspective they see this as SNAFU (just the way they like/designed it)

  • djean111 (5619 posts)
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    7. Yep. That's why I quit the party.

    And the pee jokes really bring out the Beavis and Butthead, don’t they.

    I might be done with the online group stuff.  It is like the Freepers switched sides.

    • *Obligatory disclaimer - when I say "Democratic Party" I mean the DNC - the Clintons and the un-elected people and the consultants and the lobbyists and the corporations who actually run things.  The people who work and vote and are registered as "D" are no more the actual party than Trekkies are Star Trek.   Extra credit - the Democratic Party gets to actually fuck up your life. When you vote for it.
    You think the only reason that people won't vote for a warmongering Third Way fracking-enabling cluster bomb throwing H-1B increasing lying pandering corporate and Wall Street shill who says she has no problem putting abortion rights on the table is because we are mad about Bernie?  Um, nope.
    • Bernin4U (583 posts)
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      20. DUnders.

  • Flygirl (3018 posts)
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    13. A Failed Coup? Larry Johnson No Quarter

    Snip: read it all please!

    A Failed CIA Coup? – NO QUARTER USA NET

    Sources tell CNN that these same allegations about communications between the Trump campaign and the Russians, mentioned in classified briefings for congressional leaders last year, prompted then-Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid to send a letter to FBI Director Comey in October, in which he wrote, “It has become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisors, and the Russian government — a foreign interest openly hostile to the United States.”. . .
    Some of the memos were circulating as far back as last summer. What has changed since then is that US intelligence agencies have now checked out the former British intelligence operative and his vast network throughout Europe and find him and his sources to be credible enough to include some of the information in the presentations to the President and President-elect a few days ago. . . .
    CNN has also learned that on December 9, Senator John McCain gave a full copy of the memos — dated from June through December, 2016 — to FBI Director James Comey. McCain became aware of the memos from a former British diplomat who had been posted in Moscow. But the FBI had already been given a set of the memos compiled up to August 2016, when the former MI6 agent presented them to an FBI official in Rome, according to national security officials. . . .
    The raw memos on which the synopsis is based were prepared by the former MI6 agent, who was posted in Russia in the 1990s and now runs a private intelligence gathering firm. His investigations related to Mr. Trump were initially funded by groups and donors supporting Republican opponents of Mr. Trump during the GOP primaries, multiple sources confirmed to CNN. Those sources also said that once Mr. Trump became the nominee, further investigation was funded by groups and donors supporting Hillary Clinton.


    According to the DNC I am a Wife of a Taco Bowl Member!
  • Fire with Fire (1034 posts)
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    16. The name for them is Pooters


    • Earth artist (702 posts)
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      17. I think Trump should get

      back at the Democrats by Passing Medicare for all. Gutting the cia. Narrowing down the NSA, starting a huge infrastructure dept. giving the states all the money he saves by shutting down at least 700 bases of the 800 we have. Getting the fed out of the the public schools. Push the new green energy businesses


      that would finish the dems.

      AHHH sigh just a little wish. \

      I feel a little hopeless right now

  • bobthedrummer (3392 posts)
    Profile photo of bobthedrummer

    19. The New Democrats are HIVE, not Democrats

    All power to the People.