Dems Introduce Sweeping Voting Rights Bill to Combat Rampant Voter Suppression

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      REP. JOHN SARBANES: We heard loud and clear from the American people that they feel left out and locked out too often from their own democracy, that they want us to fight the culture of corruption. They want us to clean up Washington, fix the system and give them their voice back. They want to be able to get to the ballot box without having to run an obstacle course. They want it to be easy, not hard, to register and vote in America. And HR 1 will address that concern.
      AMY GOODMAN: The bill has been dubbed the For the People Act. It’s the first act of legislation introduced by the new Democratic majority in the House. Longtime civil rights and Congressman John Lewis praised the legislation.

      REP. JOHN LEWIS: I’ve said on many occasions that the vote is the most powerful nonviolent instrument of transformation we have in our democracy, we have in a democratic society. And at the foundation of our system, it must be strengthened and preserved. There are forces trying to make it harder and more difficult for people to participate. And we must drown out these forces.

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      Well, good for the Dems. Let’s see how many republicans thwart it.

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      Land of Enchantment
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      parameters and laws for voting in federal elections. As long as each state can screw with gerrymandering, ID requirements and so forth it will only get worse. The votes on this bill will be interesting to watch….

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      the primary elections too where dems purged Bernie supporters and hamded Hill the crown

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      of voters from the rolls and stop doing the Debbie Wasserman Schultz cheating and lying and chicanery and stop throwing out provisional and mail-in ballots?  We won’t see totals magically change on a screen? We won’t see bags and boxes of ballots driven all over the place after they have been “found”?

      Again – bwahahahaha!  It is not so much voter suppression as it is forking around with the votes.  This is just theater.  They likely already know how they are going to get around any new regulations.

      As long as we do not have all paper ballots, legislation like this is just blather.

      Let me know when the Dems all get behind a bill that helps people.  Not themselves.  Or Israel.

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