Destination wedding bills no-shows.

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      I have been to a destination wedding. My wife and I shelled out a few bucks to be there. Other people spent even more in air fare, lodging, meals, etc. People who attend a destination wedding typically cough up significant coin. Of course, the couple staging the wedding spent some money, too. The couple referenced in the article sent invoices to no-shows. Personally, I would pay the $240 and apologize. Unless I thought they were butt-heads and wanted to write them off as friends. I thnk destination weddings are too extravagent, too ostentatious, and should be limited to close friends,

      A Chicago couple sent a $240 invoice to their ‘no call, no show’ guests who did not attend their destination wedding, report says (

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      The article says the hosts reached out several times to confirm that the guests were coming. Yet they never responded after the initial acceptance. People are so rude these days.

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      Personally, I’d only even consider it if I’d paid for the flight to Jamaica.

      “Not about the money?” Yeah, right. Invoices are about money. A polite note regretting they were unable to attend the event they prepared for them is about the principle.

      I suspect the wedding couple will be embarrassed about the invoices for the rest of their lives – or at least for the rest of their marriage!!

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      I would pay them but with the stipulation that they pay it back to me if they get divorced!

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