Did you know? That New Amsterdam was renamed New York in honor of England’s Duke of York.

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      What on Earth was wrong with “New Amsterdam”?

      I’m finding this set of circumstances darkly ironic:

      In that rag The Daily Mail, the editors seem to be mocking Black Lives Matters protests, or at least the idea that as society changes, our ideals change – you see, Columbus, Ohio this morning took down the Christopher Columbus statue, in light of his controversial racial history.  In reporting this development, the DM headlines the story with a question, asking if “they” will “next” change the city’s name.

      Changing New Amsterdam’s name was a good idea when THEY did it, but not when anyone else does?  Is the Daily Mail still referring to “Bombay” and “Peking”?

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      Do we have to rename New York now?

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      And the English actually kept their word. It’s where freedom of religion got started in this country.

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      Bernie Boomer
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      it was a conquest of war, James (York) was commander of the Royal Navy in that war, and his brother (Charles II) wanted to give him more of an income to keep him from scrounging from the royal purse. New Netherlands and New Amsterdam were both renamed New York (and City), James got to give away bits to supporters (until the colonists’ torked him off and he lumped most of the colonies – including New York – together, creating a dominion under his direct control.) He was kind of a jerk when he got older.

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