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      David the Gnome
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      For anyone who hasn’t seen the latest headlines, Russiagate has once again got the “intelligence community” (questionably intelligent, not a community) hamsters running in their damn wheels again.  Biden has called Putin a killer, Putin called Biden other things off camera, no doubt.  The U.S. is also implementing sanctions on Chinese officials due to the Uyghur issue.  There is a lot of talk about… oh, how awful, the human rights abuses, the way people are treated… which, you know, when you think about it… well shit, we live in a Country that puts little kids in cages and detention centers run by “private” organizations.  Hell, there are even laws that got a man charged with a crime for giving immigrants water.  They are abused, ignored, get sick and die as a routine matter, which is only occasionally brought up by the media… the same media all too eager to sing Biden’s praises and blast human rights abuses in China.

      Never mind then, the way minorities are treated here.  Never mind our own massive human rights abuses – that, yes, are a daily occurrence.  Never mind that we “meddled” in every Russian election we could, in addition to almost every other Country on earth.  See… it is bad when THEY do it.  When we do it, it is to promote and protect democracy, for God, apple pie, and the American way – oh, and baseball, don’t forget baseball.  Puppies?  Yeah, puppies too.

      What is increasingly obvious to me is that the diplomatic efforts of the Biden administration will go no further than Trump or Obama’s did – that they might, in fact, have even worse results.  In large part, this is because it is some of the most hypocritical fucking bull shit imaginable.  “Country A went to war based on lies!”, “Country B tortured prisoners of war!”, “Country C killed thousands of innocent men, women and children with drones!”  In this case, A, B – and C, too, are all the U.S.

      Whatever we can say of other Nations – and yes, they have considerable flaws, socioeconomic issues – and in the case of Russia and China are especially bad… yet they do not surpass our own.

      Trump was a damn fool – but I didn’t worry much about him starting World War III.  Biden, on the other hand…. I think he could.  I think he might.  I think we have been moving in this direction at least since the Obama years with regards to Russia – and quite a bit longer with regards to China.  Or perhaps the cold war only paused and never really ended.

      Don’t believe the hype.  Any one of the big three could make much better diplomatic efforts.  Every one of the big three has their own massive issues to deal with at home.  Every one of the big three is pointing fingers at another.  Sooner or later, the excuse for every failure will be called Russia and/or China, here in the U.S.  In Russia or China, it will be called the U.S.  Everything from crops dying out, two head calves, to shit we’re actually probably doing like spying on each other via satellite.

      No one is innocent in this.  The fact that a lot of people (idiotic people) believe that the U.S. is without blame really makes me roll my eyes.  No, this ain’t about protecting democracy, it ain’t about saving the Uyghurs, its not about Russia “meddling” in our elections.  Its making a selection.  Who to blame for shit.  All three Nations are good at doing this – and no doubt we will eventually be pointing nuclear missiles along with fingers.

      Its shit.  I really wish there was a greater Nation, or a more powerful alien race to hold all accountable.  All these rich fucks and their game playing, the whole “intelligence” apparatus, lies, lies – and more lies.

      We don’t, as a routine matter, engage in diplomacy when it actually matters.

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      I’m not sure anything we are doing right now can be called diplomacy.


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      Cold Mountain Trail
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      Then there’s the orwell theory, that it’s all ‘managed’ conflict for the respective home publics.

      while the leadership sups on dainty fare

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        No, the problem is that the entire world is beset by the quintessential evil empire, hellbent upon controlling the earth’s resources and human populations for profit. This view is clearly supported by a factual analysis of world events.

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