Disappeared in El Salvador: The return of a Cold War nightmare

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      Daisy Flores holds a portrait of her son, Edwin, who disappeared in May. She and his nephew, Hector, wait for news in their home in Las Animas, El Salvador. (Fred Ramos/FTWP)

      By Mary Beth Sheridan and
      Anna-Catherine Brigida
      Oct. 19, 2019 at 1:58 p.m. CDT

      LAS ANIMAS, El Salvador — For Daisy Flores, Day 135 began like so many others. She soaked corn in a bucket on the dirt floor for tortillas. She washed the kids’ clothes in a blue plastic bin. And she thought, again, about that afternoon in May when her 18-year-old son Edwin rode off on his brother’s motorcycle.

      He still hasn’t come home.

      Twenty miles away, in a working-class neighborhood in San Salvador, Karen was plodding through Day 297. She coped by writing notes to her absent husband and taping them to the bedroom wall.

      “I send you a little kiss,” she’d scrawled to the man who had disappeared last year while delivering electricity bills. And: “I can’t take it anymore.”

      Not far from her, a third family endured another Monday without their loved one. The middle-aged man had gone missing on his way home from his plumbing job. Was it already Day 192? They’d searched everywhere. Nothing.

      Three decades after a brutal civil war characterized by never-explained, never-resolved disappearances, Salvadorans are again vanishing.

      The phenomenon is resurrecting one of the most chilling elements of Cold War Latin America. Back in the 1970s and 1980s, tens of thousands of people disappeared as right-wing governments — many supported by the United States — fought to extinguish leftist insurgencies.


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      the mastermind of Oscar Romero’s murder at the altar was invited to Reagan’s 1981 inaugural and took some dances: they killed him in the name of “fighting Russian influence” and we shut our eyes and supported them in the name of “fighting Russian influence”

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