Disappeared Saudi Couple Highlights Kingdom's Crackdown on Activists

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      Rudell tweeted about messages he shared with the couple after meeting them in Los Angeles a few years ago.

      “I’d like to see what they could do in this world, if they were given the chance,” said Rudell, adding, “I’d like to have that dinner with them some day.”

      In a follow-up tweet, Rudell said he was “overwhelmed” by the response to his tweets, including one from California Congressman Adam Schiff, who said he would contact Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States about the case.

      “I’ve been overwhelmed by the interest in and support of this story. It has been humanity-affirming and the best possible expression of Twitter in action. My intention was to bring the plight of Fahad and Loujain to the attention of people who can do more for them than tweet,” he wrote.

      Both Butairi, 33, and Hathloul, 29, were arrested in 2018. Butairi’s whereabouts are unknown, while Halthloul remains incarcerated.

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