Discrepancies between exit polls and voting results in NH, SC, and Mass

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      Blue Meany
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      TDMS Research, an election integrity web-site, has articles documenting discrepancies between exit polls and voting results in three states that exceed the margin of error.  In New Hampshire, Buttigieg got more votes than exit polls suggested, while all other candidates got fewer votes.  In South Carolina, Biden gained over the exit polls, while everyone else lost.  In Massachusetts, Biden and Bloomberg gained over exit polls, while Sanders and Warren lost votes.  I will add that in 2016, there was some blatant manipulation going on, in which the exit polls worked perfectly in precincts with paper ballots and in small precincts, while in large precincts Hillary won more than the exit polls recorded.  Anyway, you can read the recent artciles at this site:


      I don’t think we can really discern what happened until we have precinct-level data, hoever.

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      I imagine they’ll find many more issues before we’re done. But NOT before Biden becomes the nominee.

      If I remember correctly there were discrepancies in 2016 large enough to trigger UN election monitoring in a 3rd world country. There was barely a mention of it in the US. Our elections are being rigged and no one gives a shit but us. smh


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      99th Monkey
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      Sorry to be so dense, but I just want to be sure I’m understanding what you’re saying … Does saying that candidate X “gained over the exit polls” mean that candidate X had more votes recorded than the exit polls showed they actually received?

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        Ohio Barbarian
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        @99thmonkey It looks like they skewed the totals of actual votes for Bernie and Biden by around 4% for each candidate–IOW Biden got 4% or so more than he actually received and Bernie got 4% or so less than what he actually received, for an 8 point swing which, in Massachusetts, gave the state to Biden.

        All it takes is a line of code entered in the computer that tallies up the votes. Without paper ballots, we cannot have fair elections.

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      What is most takes the most gull is changing the exit polling after the primary if over. Another words, making it look like nothing is wrong with the vote count. That is balls of brass on that one, what a joke!

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      is that the election day results always favor the right wing candidate, regardless of party. Just a coincidence I’m sure though.

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