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      Over the last decades, what we, and the media, talk about has always seemed to be distractions from the real issues.

      I care about the deaths and tragedies from and the trillions spent on unauthorized and unnecessary wars, the cost of education, the challenge to find a meaningful job in the US, the flat incomes over time, our failing infrastructure, the transfer of wealth to our richest, our unaffordable healthcare system, that media has become “entertainment” and corporate propaganda, and closing embassies and diplomacy is now considered a last resort, to name just a few.

      I don’t care (much) about who Joe hugged, whether Russia tried to influence our elections or impeaching Trump without demonstrated high crimes and misdemeanors – which seems to be the majority of what passes for news.

      I am glad that here we do consider the issues in the first list that I care about.  I will take the others for their entertainment value and am glad when we do focus on real issues.

      I wish the other 327 million people in the US would spend some time here too and learn a little truth, even though the hamsters might get a little overtaxed!

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