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      Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez called on Monday for an end to presidential caucuses, saying the 2020 caucuses should be the last the Democratic Party holds.

      Caucuses came under fire earlier this year after results of Iowa’s contest were delayed.

      Perez told The Associated Press that during the first day of the Democratic National Convention, he intends to “use the bully pulpit as a former chair to make sure we continue the progress” of changes to the state caucuses.

      The recent alterations since the 2016 primary included mandating that states with caucuses formulate a paper ballot system.



      Let this radicalize you rather than lead you to despair - Mariame Kaba

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      All one has to do is look at the WA caucus results in 2016 vs the STOLEN primary (they played stupid games with the ballot envelope) in 2020 to know why caucuses should be restored in EVERY FUCKING STATE.

      The Iowa clusterfuck was due to a stupid app, which was designed by people with direct financial ties to Mayo Pete, and that’s easy enough to fix: Don’t use fucking apps. If you can’t count by hand the number of people in your little corner of the gym (or church basement) then go join the Republican party, where your lack of elementary school level mathematical skills will be appreciated.

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      … personally I kind of wish there’d be more caucuses, not fewer.

      During the primaries, it’s important for Democrats to come together (whether it’s in person or remotely) and actually exchange ideas and opinions rather than relying primarily on inherently stilted campaign advertising to make their decisions.

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      I should hope that Tulsi, a former Vice Chair, and current pariah, gets to read that hilarious remark.


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      Of course this piss poor excuse for a party leader would want them totally eradicated.

      Bernie gained his strength from caucuses during his battle with Hillary (the Sith Queen of Darkness).  So of course, they did away with the precinct caucus system here in Texas under the direction of the Texas Democratic Party.  Caucuses allow people to meet other people in their hood, submit resolutions for the party platform, allow for accountability encounters between incumbents and the constituency they ignore between elections, and gauge accurately the support that candidates enjoy amongst the “grassroots”.  This is too close to democracy for this Lucifer-looking sum-ma-ma-bitch and the Democratic Party has no need of such podunk niceties as democracy.

      This cross between a turd and a weasel should be hounded by the 999 for his crass and craven corruption of his office.  He should be but he won’t because we are living in two societies now and his society (The George Carlin Society of Snobby Cigar-chomping Baboons) is sheltering-in-place with ice cream while the other society is scrambling around risking life and limb to deliver him his fucking ice cream.  Fuck him.  I have a mental image of his sorry ass in line at my “Tie Their Face to a Shitting Elephant” event.  Somehow that is the only way that GOD can show me he exists.   Let me wake up tomorrow and let that be reality.  I’m the MC and I get to line up all the Obamas, Clintons, Bidens (yea Jill too, because she wanted us to eat a bowl of shit and swallow hard), and … etc. and tie them one by one to a shitting elephant and force them to EAT SHIT AND DIE.  A favorite saying a couple of decades ago.


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      Caucasus unlike primary elections by actual voters are reserved for party hacks.

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      Babel 17
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      Imo, if they had it in the early primaries Biden would have been lucky to get 15% as the number one pick, and then he’d be few people’s second, third, or fourth, choice.

      Cutting to the chase, Sanders would have dominated, and even Tulsi Gabbard would have wracked up more second, third, and fourth, place finishes than Biden. Biden would have been humiliated in the first few states.

      And that’s the answer, with ranked choice voice we’d have had Bernie and maybe Gabbard, on the ticket. Though Bernie might have had to take Harris as his running mate, though maybe not if the primary was competitive to the end. It would have stank to hand an early drop out the running mate position if Warren, Klobuchar, and Gabbard made it to the end with respectable chunks of delegates.

      I’m really answering all my questions just by thinking out loud.

      They impeached Trump when Sanders was primed to be an easy winner in Iowa, so that Bernie, Warren, and Klobuchar had to leave Iowa for the Senate trial. That let Buttigieg gain ground.

      Then once Biden looked plausible, COVID-19 became the excuse to make it inhuman to want to appeal to the voters.

      Well played, establishment elites, well played. Never let a crisis go to waste. And a big Brava! to Pelosi for not letting her mask slip while she sat on the articles of impeachment until the worst possible time for Sanders to have to leave the field.  The House Committee rushed the hearings to get them done before Sanders could win the early primary states, then Pelosi fine tuned the timing for the actual trial. Bernie’s campaign couldn’t dare even to suggest that the timing was odd. Gabbard caught hell for bringing up that the job was rushed. And the public later concurred.

      Yeah, all that botox helps Pelosi keep a straight face when pulling crap like that. We’re in an existential crisis that the Democratic establishment helped create (“Let’s talk up Trump as the favorite in the 2016 Republican primaries” – “Swell idea Bill!”), and then four years later they tell us that means the voters have to eat gruel, and not ask for seconds, and it’s just tough titty that that the party couldn’t arrange a more plausible charade. Pragmatic voting was sold to the voters like it was a panacea for all illness.

      And fuck everyone who wants Medicare for All, Biden has a plan to put Obamacare on steroids, or at least give it plastic surgery, hair plugs, veneers, and botox. That works for the party elders, so such artifice should be good enough for us. lol 🙂

      <end rant>

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      The reason is that it is impossible to audit them accurately by hand count.  At least in counties like mine with more than a million voters–they could work if the particular political subunit isn’t too large.

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      This two party system leads to negative partisanship.

      As far as auditing I’m sure the US can figure it out. Estonia lets people vote by phone.

      Let this radicalize you rather than lead you to despair - Mariame Kaba

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      The DNC isn’t interested in serving “Democracy”. They only thing they’re interested in is in serving their $pon$or$, the people be damned.

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      Of course they do. It’s much harder to rig a public vote that everyone can see and count.

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      ..since the DNC have been known to steal both caucuses and primaries?

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