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    DNC Fraud Suit Update and Analysis

    Some audio issues, but a very interesting talk on what is happening with the suit. And the ramifications of winning.

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  • Marym625 (26281 posts)
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    1. Thank you!

    This is so awesome.

    "Once the decision was made to go into Iraq as an invader and occupier,  it’s like our nation lost its conscience. And it has not yet gotten that conscience back." Madfloridian  
  • tiamat (675 posts)
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    2. All the information I wanted, thank you.

  • Stryder (338 posts)
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    3. A windscreen, my kingdom for a windscreen!

    That said, I gave a fair chunk of change (for my meager fortunes) to hopefully help elect the finest pol I had seen

    in my, of voting age, life. Class action? Sign me up, I kept my receipts. I’ll settle for $1 and a formal admission of

    institutional fuckery. And a vow and mechanism to see that “The Party of the People” isn’t just a slogan akin to “Patriot Act,”

    “Trickle Down” or “Third Way.”

  • Peace Patriot (2611 posts)
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    4. Excellent report! Very glad to be updated on this!

    And the sound problems are not significant (just a little wind noise at the beginning).

    Unfortunately, Florida is the venue in which, back in the ’00s, ES&S argued that voters do not have the right to review ES&S’s ‘TRADE SECRET’ programming code in their voting machines, and the judge agreed.  That was THE seminal case on THE seminal issue of election fraud: our right to SEE our votes counted.  And we lost.

    An interesting part of that story that most people don’t know is that the Democratic CA Secretary of State Kevin Shelley was preparing to sue Diebold (ES&S has since bought out Diebold) for refusal to cough up their code.  Shelley was swiftly destroyed by the CA Democratic Party leadership – drummed out of office on false corruption charges.  So that suit was never filed, and in the other one, in Florida, the judge agreed that the public has no right to review the code by which are votes are, ahem, ‘counted.’  And one other interesting fact:  It was a Democratic Congress (’02) which gave us privatized, corporatized, ‘TRADE SECRET’ vote counting.  They funded and pushed it all over the country, without requiring any rules at all, for instance the requirement of a paper trail and an audit, so that now, in a third of the states in the country (mostly southern states) there is NO AUDIT of these machine results, and there is only a miserably inadequate 1% audit in the rest.

    The Democratic Party is the way it is because its leadership is in conspiracy with the Deep State.  The reason that Trump won despite the opposition of the strong pro-Hillary faction of the CIA, and despite the support of the Neo-Cons, Wall Street, the banksters and the entirety of the Corporate Media –  and aside from how awful she was as a candidate (which made it easier to beat her) – she lost and Trump won because of a split in the Deep State, an internal war, which can partly be described as between the Neo-Cons, who were setting up a war with Russia, and the anti-Neo-Cons who would rather do business with resource-rich Russia.  Hillary was on the wrong side – the losing side – of that internal war.  And she and her CIA and other Deep State sponsors were shocked and are now enraged at having been out-maneuvered – enraged and dangerous, telling “Big Lies” like “the Ruskies did it.”

    No, no, no, the Ruskies didn’t do it.  The contending parties of our own Deep State did it.  And the problem, for us, is that our vote counting system has been rendered extremely riggable by the ‘TRADE SECRET’ code and its corollary, the electronic voter purging software.  So anybody with the wherewithal can rig it, or try to, in contention with another party with the wherewithal.

    This lawsuit – which I cannot praise enough – doesn’t really get to the nub of the problem at the DNC – that is, WHY the DNC is run by jerks who hate the New Deal, hate us peons and, really and truly, hate democracy.  But probably no lawsuit could get there – without a whole lot of dangerous whistleblowing happening (things are dangerous enough as it is, as the Seth Rich murder established).  And this one suffices to educate the public, to warn off further fraud (especially if the suit gets a favorable ruling) and to give a boost to those trying to reform the Democratic Party.  It won’t, however, solve the problem of the Deep State s/electing presidents, senators, congress people, governors and state legislators.

  • Rocky (737 posts)
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    5. Nice to have an update but it would be best were it provided….

    by an attorney. A settlement is not necessarily or essentially an admission of guilt. Motives for settlements may be because it offers the most economical solution or most expedient to avoid years in court. One thing an attorney will tell you, no one knows how a judge or jury will rule ahead of time.

  • snot (973 posts)
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    6. I would really like to hear from the attorneys.

    Looking quickly at the complaint and other filed documents offered online by the law firm, I do not see counts for breach of contract or promissory estoppel, which might be based on the DNC’s breach of its promises that it would conduct the primaries fairly; and I wonder about that.

    And if that documents page is up to date, there has been zero activity in this case for four months – apparently the parties are waiting for the judge to rule on the last round of motions.  Given the importance of elections, the fact that the DNC continues to wield so much power in them, the speed at which things are happening, and the need to prepare for mid-terms, 4 mos. is a long time.

    And I question some of the other assertions made by the speaker.

    Finally, I am not interested in a settlement.  I want guilt established.

    This report is better than no report; but I hear little real info in it.


      1% “To Do” list:

    1.  Control banking; 2.  Control communications (including “news” media); 3.  Control the government; 4.  Control education ; ....

    • cyberpj (2390 posts)
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      7. I'd settle for the truth about what happened to SHAWN LUCAS:

      Lead Attorney In Anti-Clinton DNC Fraud Case Mysteriously Found Dead


    • cyberpj (2390 posts)
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      8. DNC Fraud Lawsuit shared their post. Feb 04, 2017

      DNC Fraud Lawsuit shared their post.
      February 4 at 11:20pm ·
      No status change.

      DNC Fraud Lawsuit

      November 5, 2016 · Richmond West, FL ·
      Brief update: at this point, we are waiting on the Court to issue a ruling on Defendants’ motion to dismiss.

      There is no deadline imposed on the Courts, so we do not have a date.

      For court filed documents, go to: