DNC hires Bloomberg-tied tech firm Hawkfish for 2020 election

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      The Democratic National Committee has hired the digital and technology firm Hawkfish, according to two sources with knowledge of the situation, bringing the Michael Bloomberg-founded company on board for the final four months of the 2020 campaign.

      The DNC’s decision will be controversial among some progressives, who bristled at the idea of Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor and multi-billionaire, gaining influence within the party. Earlier this month, Joe Biden’s campaign opted against hiring the firm, though the DNC and Biden campaign are working hand-in-hand during the general election.

      The nature of the Hawkfish’s contract with the DNC, and what work they’ll specifically do for the committee, was not entirely clear. One source with knowledge of the agreement said it was for a “small data contract.”


      But the agency’s inexperience has also raised concerns among some Democratic strategists that it’s not ready for the high-pressure environment of a presidential race. Hawkfish was part of Bloomberg’s failed bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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      Hi jlp,

      With each passing day we are reminded why the Democratic Party can never be reformed.  Sooner or later, Progressives will need to accept this fact and move on.  Otherwise, one should accept self-flagellation as one’s fate in life.


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      “bristling” is both pointless and, IMO, adds another layer of sweetness to the Vichy Dem’s day.  This was, IMO again, always going to happen, because Bloomberg = money, which is really what the Democratic Party stands for.  As in 2016, vast amounts of money will be laundered through contracts.  Duh.

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