Do not know if this is the proper place for this. however….

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      Twice I attempted to edit a post, only to have an entire thread vanish.

      I could not copy/paste into a thread using A word document, open text document, or PDF file from my computer.

      a follow up try of retyping the entire document also failed to post. Is there a character limit in the main text block?

      Advice from anyone is welcome, movement of this post to the proper forum is also welcome.

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      Ok so most of the time the following works:

      Drop the full menu down by clicking the icon 2nd from the right above

      Click the clipboard icon on the lower menu and the quote icon on the upper level

      Paste in your text

      Type or paste in your title, select it all and use the “eraser” (just to the right of the clipboard icon)

      to wipe all formatting…

      Put in the link and whatever commentary you may wish to.

      Copy the whole post into your clipboard so if the post disappears you can paste it right back in again!

      If it posts great! if it disappears paste it in and try to post it once more.

      If it just leaves it sitting at the bottom of the thread, search for verboten words like “social ism”

      and “di ck”, f*ck, and Sh it.

      If all else fails, take a screenshot of the problem text, save it on a pic hosting site, and paste the image

      into your post!


      Hope This Helps!

      “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”
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