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  • N2Doc (5300 posts)
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    Document reveals Clinton Global Initiative is shutting down

    A document from the New York State Department of Labor reveals that the Clinton Global Initiative is being discontinued.
    Filed on January 12, 2017, the document shows the layoff of a specialist employed by the Clinton Global Initiative as part of a “plant closure” and that the reason for their discontinuation was the “Discontinuation of the Clinton Global Initiative.”




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  • MistaP (6998 posts)
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    http://www.salon.com/2016/11/09/the-hillary-clinton-campaign-intentionally-created-donald-trump-with-its-pied-piper-strategy/ (Third Way = Bell Curve)
    • em77 (2505 posts)
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      2. What – they can't shake

      countries for donations anymore?

      • Rozinante (3887 posts)
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        3. They can shake, they can't deliver.

        Shes no longer in a position to deliver the Quo for the Quid.

        • Mom Cat (15002 posts)
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          4. Good one!

               NEVER FORGET      BERNIE WON!          
        • em77 (2505 posts)
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          6. This delights me!!!!

          • cyberpj (2389 posts)
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            10. It shouldn't really. It means they've begun to destroy evidence. nt

      • Purveyor (2622 posts)
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        9. Most likely there are a few countries they

        dasent set foot in again…

        They took out markers they can’t ever repay.

  • PennLawyer (2545 posts)
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    5. All of those computers wiped clean;documents shredded -just like her DOS records

    But of course, the Clintons are closing it down.  Since HRC lost and has no power to block investigations, she knows just what to do.  Destroy all records and scatter former employees to the winds. Then when congressional or FBI investigations of CGI pay-to-play activities get to the discovery stage, wherein Requests for Production of documents/records are issued, they’ll reply that said records were destroyed in the course of closing down CGI.  Same for producing employees to answer questions regarding their duties and activities, and/or to be questioned about the documents/electronic records which they originated.  So sorry.  We have no records of which employees were involved, and in fact, we no longer have any employees.  She and Bill have been covering up evidence of their assorted criminal activities for decades, and they’re both very slick at it.

    • em77 (2505 posts)
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      7. They've been covering since their

      days in Arkansas.    So glad their mafia is slowly coming to a close.

  • OCMI (1611 posts)
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    8. CGI is shutting down, the Foundation remains

    I believe CGI was the global influence peddling sales team of the operation.  Shafting people in need, taking money from dubious sources and using the “charity” as a slush fund will continue on.

    If you dislike Trump, you should vote for him so we can change his party from within. Yes, Hillary supporters, this is how ridiculous you sound.