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      It was expected that Joe would win SC.  Bernie still got second and is doing better than anyone else overall.

      SC hasn’t gone Dem in a General Election since 1976.

      Edit – this was meant as a response to another thread.  Oh well, guess it will stand on it’s own.

      PowerToThePeople!  Bernie or Bust 2020!

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      The Red Menace
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      Like I’ve said, south Carolina only became “important” in 2016, when clinton tried to use it as “Bernie has a black problem!” – which was real rich considering her campaign attacked those very same voters for “voting their race” in 2008. So you know.

      Biden wins, Bernie came in a distant second, no surprises. And in November, Trump’s going to take SC by a healthy margin no matter who the Dem candidate is.

      So. Good for Biden, it took him forty damn years, but he finally won a state. Moving on.

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      Two way street
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      Hope somehow very savvy computer experts were able to watch for electronic vote flipping.  Seems like Republicans were caught cheating electronically in Ohio in 2012.  Was it not Romney’s son that owned the cheating software?

      Trud Blossom, Carl Rove, messed in his pants on stage when the MSM called Ohio for Obama that Nov evening in 2012.

      2020-2024 Campaign Season: We the People are in the fight for our lives and livelihoods.

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      Babel 17
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      Only Bernie, out of the rest of the pack, walks away with delegates. So in the medium term, and the long term, he all but eliminated Klobuchar, and now has Warren teetering on the edge of irrelevancy. Warren has to do better than expected on super Tuesday in order to be considered a serious candidate. If she performs even a bit worse than expected in Massachusetts it will be seen as justifying mockery.

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      Only one person has lost both Iowa and New Hampshire and then gone on the win the party nomination or the White House. That was Bill Clinton in 1992. As far as I can tell Joe Biden is no where near as charismatic or charming as Clinton. That’s not to say Biden couldn’t come back to win the nomination but it’s a long shot without some establishment help along the way and at the convention (which is clearly possible).

      George Orwell was right.

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        The Red Menace
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        And almost all of it was this dude:

        In 1992, Bill Clinton defeated George H.W. Bush by 5.5%… which is a pretty comfortable margin. Until you look at that big-eared dude above and realize he got 18.9% of the vote, almost all of it drawn from republicans. If Perot hadn’t been in the mix, Clinton would have likely lost by 10% (there’s a pretty consistent 3% nationwide that votes for minor parties)

        Four years later, Bill Clinton defeated Bob Dole by 8.5%, which was almost exactly the percentage of the vote Ross Perot got. if it hadn’t been for Perot, we would have gotten “Florida too close to call” four years early!

        (Speaking of, do remember that Democrats still blame Nader running for Gore’s loss in 2000, despite the fact Nader actually UNDER-PEFORMED in terms of third-party candidacies, receiving only 2.5% of the nationwide vote.)


        Clinton also had other things going for him, namely his opponents; Bush had been in the white house for twelve years, and had reneged on basically all of his campaign promises. Dole was essentially a mummy (today he’s actually most-remembered for a one-two punch of viagra advertising and being horny in a pepsi commercial.)

        Clinton won entirely because his opponents were bad and he had Foghorn Leghorn running interference for him. He was already well-known as a serial philanderer and harasser, he campaigned on literally having no ideas, and his record in Arkansas was pretty fucking dismal. He was personable, but that really doesn’t win elections – it’s nice to have, but in the end most voters DO vote based on their materiel interests instead of a candidate having nice hair or sounding nice on Arsenio.

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      Ohio Barbarian
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      So it’s possible Biden will get a little bump that will put him over the top there. It might help him against Bloomberg in places like Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Oklahoma. I don’t see how it will help him in the Northern states or out West.

      As for Texas, Texans consider themselves Texans, not Southerners, and most don’t care what the Deep South thinks.

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      Trump have so much control over the Democratic party nomination process, and will get Trump re-elected if we cannot give Bernie an overwhelming majority of first round delegates at the Democratic National Convention.

      Conservative Democrats are, naturally, doing the same thing over, and over, and over again, and expecting a different result.

      *sigh*….hopefully we can overwhelm them with our numbers and put an end to their eternal insanity.

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      Only thing that matters is if Bernie wins the nomination. The convention will determine my path.

      "I welcome their hatred" Franklin D Roosevelt

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