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  • LuckyDog (640 posts)
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    Does JPR have

    a search function to make sure a post, article, or subject matter has not already been posted?

    I mean I could have used it for this just to see if the site had it.

    Has this been asked and answered, or do I have to read every fucking forum to find out?

    I could really use a site search function for this site.  I do not want to post duplicate articles, etc.


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  • LiberalArkie (3902 posts)
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    1. Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner and

    type in Does JPR

    • Eggar (1992 posts)
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      2. or better probability for results

      hitting the right criteria by using ‘search function’ as the search phrase

    • LuckyDog (640 posts)
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      3. Thanks