Donald Trump: Full up to the eyeballs with hate. He won on that once, and hopes to do it again

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      Judi Lynn
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      Trump is certainly a racist bigot, but the evil runs deeper: No previous president has been so driven by hate

      AUGUST 31, 2019 12:00PM (UTC)

      Let’s go back and have a look at the early days of Trump’s campaign for president the last time around and see what it tells us about this time. Trump announced he was running for president on June 16, 2015. After famously descending the Trump Tower escalator with his wife, Melania, Trump went right after Mexicans and immigrants. “They’re bringing crime, they are rapists,” he bellowed to the first crowd of his formal campaign for president. He promised to build a “great wall” along the border with Mexico to keep them out. His crowd howled their approval. So the racism and the xenophobia were there right from the start. He would expand on both with his promised “Muslim ban.” He quickly held rallies in New Hampshire, Arizona and South Carolina, where he repeated the themes to crowds screaming for more.

      A month later he was at something called the “Family Leadership Summit,” a gathering of conservatives in Ames, Iowa. Trump gratuitously mocked Sen. John McCain as a “loser,” telling his conservative audience, “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” He was quickly denounced by Republican Party leaders. Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry — also a presidential candidate at the time —said Trump was “unfit to be commander in chief.” Republican National Committee strategist and chief spokesman Sean Spicer announced, “There is no place in our party or our country for comments that disparage those who have served honorably.” Jeb Bush tweeted, “Enough with the slanderous attacks.”

      “It is unclear how the remarks by Trump, who currently is at or near the top in opinion polls, measuring the popularity of the sprawling field of Republican presidential contenders, will be received by party stalwarts, many of whom are staunch supporters of the military,” NPR reported later the same day.

      But it was clear how his attack would go over. Trump’s campaign responded by pointing out that “Mr. Trump left to a long lasting standing ovation, which will be by far the biggest ovation of the weekend, and much congratulatory praise.”

      What was going on with Trump’s seemingly gratuitous, out-of-the-blue slander of a United States senator and war hero? Clearly, Trump hated McCain. It was extraordinary that Trump gave voice to his hate in such a prominent, public way. But what was even more extraordinary was the reaction to it.


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      “Everyone could see how well hate was selling. Trump was by then the nominee. He would spew hate daily on his way to victory. All those hate-filled rallies, all those hateful tweets, it all worked.”

      Hatred works with hateful people, who are actually very frightened and small-minded. The ones who never faced their own fears, and hate those who have. Let’s hope that Trump is the lowest common denominator.

      “Go and tell Alexander that God the Supreme King is never the Author of insolent wrong, but is the Creator of light, of peace, of life, of water, of the body of man and of souls;...what Alexander offers and the gifts he promises are things to me utterly useless;..." Dandamis, a great sannyasi of Taxila.Excerpt From: Yogananda, Paramahansa. “Autobiography of a Yogi.”

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