Don’t bring a loaded gun to airport security, please.

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      Story at .

      The accidental discharge of a passenger’s weapon in a security area of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport caused widespread panic Saturday afternoon, prompting a brief halt of departing flights over the busy travel weekend.

      Three people suffered non-life-threatening injuries, the Transportation Security Administration said in a statement. Atlanta police had previously said no injuries were reported.

      The incident began around 1:30 p.m. ET when a “prohibited item” was identified going through the X-ray at the security checkpoint, the TSA said. A bag search was initiated, and a TSA officer told the passenger not to touch the property. However, as the officer searched the bag, the “passenger lunged into the bag and grabbed a firearm, at which point it discharged,” the TSA said.

      “The passenger then fled the area, running out of the airport exit,” the statement said, adding, “This was not an active shooter event.”

      I am amazed that with all the security at airports that the passenger could just run out of the airport.

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      When I worked for TSA, we often found weapons, including loaded weapons, in carry-on bags. They always belonged to off-duty cops who forgot they put a gun in a carry-on. Of course, the airport police just laughed it off. Meanwhile, they gave the third degree to any non-cop who let a loose round or an empty clip in a bag. I remember one poor kid, a teenager from France, who had a souvenir clip from an M1 rifle his buddy let him fire. You would have thought he was the criminal of the century. The airport police gathered around, about 15 of them, barking orders. “Stand over here!” “Take your hands out of your pockets!” “Look at me when I talk to you!” I was always surprised at how many stupid cops forgot where they put their weapons. Kinda like the cops who helped Rittenhouse shoot people. Worthless.

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      And wipe off the white powder by its nose.


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      Proof our education system blew it again.

      I'm Snort McDork and I approved this message.

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