Don't drink and drive! Unless you have a spill-proof cup.

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      Some states are considering allowing patrons to get alcoholic drinks to go. Montana used to do this. It was common to see people coming out of the tavern carrying little plastic cups with lids. They all piled into the car and sped away. I think they quit doing that in the 1990s, but it might be coming back, and expanding to other states. I don’t see a problem. What could go wrong?

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      I moved from Boston to Houston in 1980.  It was a major culture shock. One of the first things I saw was a guy on a motorcycle with no helmet drinking a Lone Star Longneck.

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      For the longest time as I was about to leave my fave pool-hall I would ask the lass behind the bar for a Henesey and Coke to go.

      When she said, “You know that I can’t do that” or just G’night Chris”, my response was: “Out of the decent Cognac? Ok fine, just use the Rum and don’t try fooling me with that bar Rum either!”

      So now that the world as we know it has ended, I can not get into my favorite pool hall, my favorite bar maid is out of work and the shelves behind the bar are all empty, (I peeked in the window before they boarded them up).

      …but I do know for a fact there has been an interesting change in my little town.

      The one fancy restaurant, (unlike our two bars), has remained open for take-out only. While there the other day placing an order, the lady asked me what I would like to drink with my meal.

      “Huh??? Do you mean like cocktails, mixed drinks, BOOZE?”

      “Sorry, you can’t come in here to drink so we have to put your drink in a to-go cup with a lid on it, is that Ok?” she informed me.

      Gobsmacked! If I didn’t already have a 24oz pink lotus from my fave latte stand sitting in the cup holder….(btw if you’ve never had a “pink lotus”, all the latte stands in my area carry this stuff. It is yummy and those barrista girls have figured out how to stick crack coccaine in them. Get the watermellon/strawberry-no-toppers pink lotus.)

      How legal is this? I dunno but the place does serve up a fine lobster fettuccini and if I really was into mixing Hennesy with Coke, I expect the bartender inside would roll his or her eyes and mix one up for me… go.

      I think I might have to give this service a try. It’s not like the virus is going to be with us forever.

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      At this time of year, it normally reads anywhere from 300-500. This year? 63.

      I’m sure that low statistic had nothing whatsoever to do with the bars being closed.

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      As a teenager when the drinking age was changed to 17, (Now, you know I’m old) we 4 girls would pile into my rich friend’s convertible mustang with a couple of bottles of wine in full view. Then we would cruise the strip in my very small town. When, or if, a cop pulled us over, they would just tell us to go home. Even in my 20’s, drinking and driving was no big deal. No cop would arrest you for it. One really bad night, I woke up to find my car parked on the front lawn, a very steep hill with a flower garden on either side, I reduced my drinking and driving after that.

      Eventually drinking and driving became a very ruinous crime. But is wasn’t always.

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      Still legal to drink as a passenger here. Visiting in Boston, with signs on all the bars warning of open container laws…I do prefer it here(I drink and ride, as a passenger).

      Used to be OK, when I was younger(I’m old, too) to drink while riding a motorcycle, not legal just OK. The ‘Christian’ Bikers changed all that.

      That’s when I quit riding.

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