Don’t Fall for the Myth of the “Outside Agitator” in Racial Justice Protests

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      Segregationists sought to preserve Jim Crow law by branding black radicals as communists, condemning black activists to destructive investigations from the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) and elsewhere. As Paul Heideman states, “The anticommunist purges of the late 1940s and early 1950s dealt a hammer blow to the movement for racial equality.” A reactionary crusade against communists, aided and abetted by liberal Democrats and premised in many ways in the myth of the outside agitator radical being responsible for civil rights unrest, successfully demolished an emerging coalition between left-led workers’ unions and civil rights activists.

      In 2020, the phrase, and these tactics, have once again reared their ugly head. The myth of “outside agitators” is being simultaneously weaponized by conservatives and liberals to demean and intimidate protesters. We shouldn’t let them — it’s an accusation designed to downplay the widespread anger so many are feeling and acting on in this country.

      King warned us, “We must all learn to live together as brothers or we will all perish together as fools.”

      Don’t fall for defenders of the status quo continuing to blame “outside agitators” for the rebellions sweeping the country right now — they want us to perish together as fools.


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      Ohio Barbarian
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      It’s a trick as old as nation-states. Blame the enemy, whoever that may be. The good citizens of Freedonia would never do anything like destroying property because we’re all happy Freedonians. You don’t want to be seen as the enemy, do you?

      Come to think of it, it’s a similar narrative to Democrats blaming everything on the Russians.

      It is better to vote for what you want and not get it than to vote for what you don't want and get it.--Eugene Debs

      Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook.--Harry Truman

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      A Simple Game
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      It’s a well known fact that the FBI, along with others infiltrated the civil rights movement, environmental movement and others up to and including occupy wall street.  Their objective was and is to make the movements look violent, selfish and anything else that’s bad, discredit them, and turn public opinion against them.  I believe the same is happening now, at least on a local level, with the current unrest.  I think it’s a standard tactic by police to give the impression that they are not harming locals but protecting the community from outsiders.

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      Even WaPo is calling bullshit:

      Meanwhile orange fascist Pumpkin Fuhrer is blaming antifa and the neolib Dems are blaming Russia as per normal.

      "Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime" - Aristotle "The more I see of the moneyed peoples, the more I understand the guillotine" - George Bernard Shaw "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable" - JFK #SurviveAndRevolt

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      .. from the government,who want the riots to turn violent as a way of discrediting the protests.

      Think COINTELPRO.

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        but to bait people’s self-defense to take the form of armed resistance way too prematurely, when it would be hopelessly crushed and thus demoralized for long period. Systemic violence calculates and prepares primarily in terms of killing power and easy win in the field they think they have the strongest hand. There are also some elements on our side that seek to provoke the killing power into so massive overreaction that it turns the guts of working class brethren serving as rank and file of the killing power, and makes them switch their loyalty for the revolution. This baiting game over collective emotional sphere results into delicate dance, and is good to understand as such, a complex tactical game.

        That tactical game is far less important than the question, what do we do the next day after the revolution? How do we really want to organize our society, and how can organize a good society without systemic violence in any form? Dictum “Be the change you want” speaks of taking that question seriously, and should go without saying, solidarity and mutual aid are essential features of any form of good society. That means solidarity also when there is disagreement over tactical choices of various peoples and groups.


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      Jan Boehmerman
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      There will be those who have their OWN agenda.  Whether they be from within  the movement or from the outside.

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      It goes decades back. Our group (a feminist group) had had our phones tapped and our offices broken into.  We decided to all carry cameras during the protest. I immediately spotted AP!  I may even still have the photo. The guy looked like an FBI agent in hippie garb and he was carrying a cardboard sign with a hastily scribbled slogan. Not a lot of effort had been put into emulating a male sympathizer. The part that cracked me up is that he was talking to “home base” through an earpiece, right there in front of me!  He looked so, so uncomfortable in his T-shirt with a peace slogan. Poor guy.

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      in his recent much scorned press conference that on the third night of the protests, the mayors of major cities were all calling each other up. They saw commonalities in tactics that involved violence. He was not specific as to what, but if I remember correctly, he did say that there is no way this could have evolved without some organizing force.

      I think this information will be uncovered by detectives and contact tracers. Also cyber-investigation work. I look forward to the results.

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      not exactly, but similar methods. Some wise guy throws a rock and initiates a riot. Protestors are not immune to the ‘lemming’ status any more than anyone else.

      There will be more to come, different methods all with the intent of making the Left powerless.

      I saw the women’s movement hijacked by an ex-bunny resulting in so much quarreling in the Left Movements they became ineffective.


      "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent." - Asimov; "If you push something hard enough, it will fall over." - Fud's First Law of Opposition

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      Time may tell some of the truth. Since I am very skeptical

      I have to ask: Cui bono? And that are certainly NOT the black


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      Red Cloud
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      The police and protestors got along until night fall. Then came nightfall and a few under cloak of darkness came with bad intentions. It should be noted that ALL came to the tourist part of town where only a few actually live. The news crew filmed protestors going after a Flag Runner. To the untrained eye, this guy was an “outsider”. Sadly he lives 3 villages over from me and I do not know other circumstances as to the violence. But he did speed off with reckless abandon. I say sadly because he and a few others emerged in January 2016 driving the flag everywhere. What was their message?

      Fair to say we have outcroppings of Nazis and Klan wannabes within ten miles of the incident.

      In my life I had a run-in with HUAC prick Dick Ichord who said I should “thank him” for approving my GI funds to go to college. What that Dick did not know was that was because I lost my father and it hurt so bad to see him stomping on me in my hour of need, that I got my pals together. We researched every newspaper in his district, gathered up our quarters, xeroxed his insulting letter, including my letter of how I would gladly pay him the $200 a month if I could have known my father for a short while. Mainly it got published. Soon he was off the HUAC. I hope it hit him hard. (Sorry for the drift)

      Back in those days we photographed those who were photographing the people protesting. Many who got photographed back did not seem to like that.

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      Cold Mountain Trail
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      whether outside or inside, there’s fairly credible evidence of a varied mix of groups being involved, some with no interest in justice for mr floyd whatsoever.  most recently a black fbi agent among the protesters.  who controls the fbi these days, the trump faction or the obama faction, i’ve lost track?  whatever, i doubt he’s from whatever city that was in.

      I’ve seen no hard evidence of whos from where except a sample of 36 arrestees.  which is the same useless ‘evidence’ jacobin cites.

      its not 1950 anymore jacobin.

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