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      DON’T Let Joe Biden FOOL YOU


      We’ve barely taken 2019 out of the wrapper and we’ve already had one major announcement by a prominent Democrat that she’s running for president. From the looks of a New York Times report on New Year’s Day, it looks like former Vice President Joe Biden isn’t far behind.


      Biden has spent his time since his tenure as vice president ended—his first period outside of the federal government in over 40 years—campaigning for Democrats in swing states, not directly apologizing to Anita Hill for his treatment of her during the Clarence Thomas nomination, starting an institute at his alma mater, still not apologizing to Anita Hill, emphatically trashing millennials, challenging Donald Trump to an embarrassing old man fight, and more, all of which we’ve heard consistently over the past few years because Biden knows how to keep himself in the news. All of this might look like his typical ol’ Gaffe Machine Joe Biden shtick, but there is—and has always been—a method to his madness.


      From the Times:

      So long as a campaign remains possible, Mr. Biden has appeared mindful of the political backlash against the last Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, for earning millions by speaking to private interests in the run-up to 2016, and for her family foundation’s acceptance of huge sums from corporate and foreign donors. He has imposed telling restrictions on his moneymaking and fund-raising activities: Mr. Biden does not speak for pay to corporate, advocacy or foreign groups and does not consult or sit on boards, said Bill Russo, his spokesman. His nonprofits do not accept contributions from abroad, and the Biden Cancer Initiative does not take money from drug companies, he said.

      Yet Mr. Biden, whose blue-collar roots have been central to his political persona through six terms in the Senate and two as vice president, has accumulated millions of dollars through a lucrative book deal and selective paid speaking.


      The biggest drawback for Biden is that he can’t talk himself out of his past, from his career-long shilling for credit card companies to his role in aiding the explosion of mass incarceration in the 1990s. Joe Biden isn’t Hillary Clinton 2.0; in some ways, he’s even worse. And hopefully, no amount of folksy bullsh i t will be able to make voters forget what Biden is, has been, and always will be: A tireless self-promoter who has frequently swayed with the political winds in horrible, stupid directions.


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      Land of Enchantment
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      contortions when he tries to explain his support of removing student loan defaults from bankruptcy protections (among other things) to the millennials and Gen Xers…. 

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      He’s personable, affable, reasonable, etc. His politics are centrist, not progressive. We know who he is, and we don’t like them, but he’s a solid Democratic candidate, very much the antithesis of Trump, and that will propel him a long way. All the way to the presidency? His chances might diminish with Warren in the hunt because she offer much of what he offers, but with a progressive tilt. The Beto love fest also hurts Biden because Beto is also personable, affable, charismatic, and young, which Biden is not. So Biden’s support could be undermined from a couple different directions. The party will be cautious about anointing him too soon, as they did with Hillary Clinton.

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      It is fun listening to Joe speak. He has a unique ability to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. It would be fun keeping track of his gaffes. He is an insider and will not give us the kinds of changes that Bernie would. He might be better than whoever the GOP ends up running. If nothing else, he will make the primaries worth watching.


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      Babel 17
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      And that raises questions about voter turnout in swing states, and let’s remind the party of what we did in 2015-2016, to no avail; It’s the swing states that matter.

      President Obama can shore up Biden’s lack of appeal in some states, but they’d be states that any Democrat, even Biden, could win on their own. So Obama could help Biden in the primaries much more than he could in the general election.

      They have to face the facts, that thanks in part to Clinton, the Obama/Biden administration is associated with the TPP, and that’s poison in the rust belt.

      If you can’t credibly claim to be able to do better than Clinton did in those states, then the party should suggest you sit the election out.

      Biden would be lucky to get a lot of Obama’s former staff and volunteers, as he doesn’t wow them, and Biden burned his bridges with the young voters who make up a large chunk of the volunteer canvassers.

      He derided them in public, and he speaks dismissively of the movement, and candidate, that they were passionate about.

      Even if the nominee, he’d be lucky to get a quarter of what Sanders would get from them.

      He’d be the candidate of the establishment, and reliant on the cash of their big donors. People would shun him in droves.

      Like Clinton, he’s one of the few that can lose to Trump while outspending him two to one. Though that disparity won’t be possible in 2020, he’ll have the kind of funding that traditionally any incumbent can get.

      If Warren can’t connect with the voters like Sanders did, then Sanders becomes the only obvious candidate with the ability to out rally support from the people, against Trump.

      There are myriad reasons for the voters to vote against Trump, but to win the election those voters need to be rallied. Biden just doesn’t have enough credibility among discerning voters to pull that off to a great enough effect.

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      From pantsuits in 2016 to just pants in 2020.

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      I wouldn’t vote for him in 2012 and would not have in 2016. No reason to start now.

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