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      People should seriously consider not breeding. We see so many articles explaining how having children is bad, really fucking bad, for the planet. Then they wrap it up by saying, “but we had six kids because we both wanted a large family.” I hope most people on this site realize progressive values require skipping certain behaviors in favor of our fellow human beings. We can’t be perfect but it requires a little more effort than shrugging our shoulders and justifying everything with “I always really, really wanted this!”

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      Tell it to Elon Musk with his 7 kids, or Bill Gates with his three, or Warren Buffett with his three, or jeff bezos with his 4 kids (3 natural, one adopted).  Tell it to William Koch with his 5 kids, or Sam (R) walton the younger with his 3.

      It appears the billionaires are outbreeding the proles, since the US total fertility rate has been < 2.1 (replacement rate) for many years (basically since the 70s).

      2020 it was TFR was 1.6 live births/female.

      US Population would be on the decline if not for immigration.

      Not enough increase to support a tight property market if not for monopoly power and global rich buyers.

      Not enough growth to support any kind of capital but monopoly capital.

      The rich have the monopoly on children too, it seems.



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