‘Doomsday Clock’ update triggered by Ukraine conflict

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      The minute hand has inched forward to 90 seconds from midnight, the most perilous time for humanity ever, amid nuclear war fears

      Humanity stands at its most perilous time on record, with the so-called Doomsday Clock advancing to within just 90 seconds of midnight as the Russia-Ukraine conflict stokes fears of a nuclear war, according to a leading group of atomic scientists.

      The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists adjusted its Doomsday Clock on Tuesday, moving it 10 seconds forward to reflect the group’s view of how close the world has been pushed to widespread calamity. The clock, which is updated each January, is designed to alert people to the threats to their existence, including nuclear war, climate change and biotechnology.

      The latest adjustment reflects “a time of unprecedented danger,” which stems largely – though not exclusively – from “the mounting dangers of the war in Ukraine,” the group said. The bulletin’s Science and Security Board (SASB) accused Russia of making “thinly veiled threats” to use nuclear weapons, reminding the world that the conflict could spin out of control and escalate catastrophically.


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        I’ve seen it in a few cartoons lately – too many people see the precipitous slide we are on, but we are powerless to stop it.

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          It’d be great fun to attribute this to the insulated mindset of Americans, but no, Europeans are all agog with the idea of somehow “winning” a nuclear war with Russia too.

          It’s just proving to me that Nazism didn’t lose; it just dispersed and festered.

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      I am not that far from MacDill AFB.    Eventually, the violence the US does is bound to ricochet right back at us, IMO.  Nothing to be done about it.

      Also, if Russia “loses” – and I think the US is blackmailing Russia with civilian death – then the Very Bad Guys will have “won”.  Ya know, a Russian “win” would likely just result in Russia consolidating the areas which voted to join Russia.  If the US “wins” – they intend to dismantle and plunder Russia.  On their way to trying to do the same to China.

      America is not a country, it's just a business. (Brad Pitt, Killing Them Softly)

      "Sometimes when I try to understand a person's motives, I play a little game. I assume the worst. What's the worst reason they could possibly have for saying what they say and doing what they do? Then I ask myself, 'How well does that reason explain what they say and what they do?'" Baelish

      VFTBNMW is, IMO, literally "take the blue pill".

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      Russia will defend it’s sovereignty at all costs.

      If that defense means throwing away life on this planet then so be it.

      Russia did not start this war but if needsbe, they will defend their sovereignty the same way the U.S. did during the Cuban Missile Crises.

      While I think Putin is quite smart at how he tries to defend Russian sovereignty…

      …President Biden is no President Kennedy.

      Biden is a cabbage head controlled by an out of control Military Industrial Complex who insanely believe that the West can “win” a nuke exchange between the combined forces of Russia and China.

      I am no expert on such things but IMHO, regarding such a war, the costs to humanity would be far too high.

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