Dozens of decaying corpses found piled in unrefrigerated trucks at New York City funeral home

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      (WSWS) In a gruesome example of how the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated New York City, authorities reported the discovery on Wednesday of dozens of decomposing bodies stored in trucks outside of a funeral home in Flatlands, a working-class neighborhood in Brooklyn.

      Police were summoned to the scene in response to calls from nearby residents complaining of a horrible stench, with one caller reporting blood leaking from a truck. Upon arrival, they found two trucks stuffed with decomposing bodies. News reports quote residents saying that the sight of corpses on the sidewalk had become a common occurrence. The scene is reminiscent of ones reported in other countries.

      It was not immediately determined whether these were all victims of COVID-19, but the staggering number of additional deaths due to the pandemic has overwhelmed existing mortuary facilities throughout the city.

      To date, more than 18,000 residents have died from COVID-19, putting a huge strain on the normal methods for disposition of the dead—interment or cremation. Prior to the pandemic, New York City’s normal death rate was approximately 150 per day. At its peak earlier this month, the rate had reached approximately 800.

      Full story here.

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      More evidence of a shithole country.

      In light of stories of this kind I think our “leaders” should end their running commentary on the failure of other nations.

      I would like to remind you that U.S. health insurance companies do not contribute anything to health care. They are only a PARASITIC middle man receiving an undeserved cut of "FREE MONEY".


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      story is missing

      Fuck the DNC and its heard of goats

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