Drone Attack on Oil Facilities Shuts Down Half Of Saudi Arabia's Oil Production

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    Saudi Arabia has shut down approximately half of its oil production capacity after “coordinated drone strikes on facilities in [its] Eastern Province” set blazes at the Hijra Khurais oil field and Abqaiq, the world’s largest oil stabilization facility, the Wall Street Journal reported.

    Yemen’s Houthi rebels, who took control of Yemen’s capital of San’a in 2014 and have been targeted by Saudi Arabia in a vicious counter-insurgency campaign that has killed thousands of civilians, took credit for the attack, according to the Journal. The Saudi Arabian government has not assigned any blame and there were no immediate reports of deaths, the paper wrote, though the attack is estimated to have halted around five percent of world oil production. It is also likely to disrupt state-owned oil giant Saudi Aramco’s upcoming initial public offering, likely the world’s largest.

    A panel of experts told the United Nations Security Council that the Houthis had acquired drone technology from Iran in January 2018, according to the New York Times. Though the Houthis have used drone strikes before, at a distance of 500 miles from Yemen this attack would be deeper into Saudi territory than prior missions and (if the rebels are to be believed) involved 10 drones. According to the Associated Press, Houthi drone capabilities have steadily increased from off-the-shelf models to “versions nearly identical to Iranian models,” with the United Nations, Gulf nations, and the West saying Iran has supplied the rebels with weaponry.

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    “A panel of experts…” said so and so.

    OUR panel of experts? A Saudi ‘panel of experts’?

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      Experts at what?

      Ex = Has been
      Spurt = Gush out in a sudden and forceful way.

      Sounds like our politicians talking to defend the indefensible.

      We are an arrogant species, believing our fantasy based "facts" are better than the other person's fake facts.

      If you are wrong, it will be because you are not cynical enough.

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    Hi loonix,

    Why anyone is ever surprised by these types of events is beyond the comprehension of this citizen.  If another country was relentlessly attacking the US would TPTB hesitate to counterattack?  Does anyone remember Pearl Harbor?

    Saudi Arabia has mounted a full scale terror campaign on Yemen using US technology for years.  Eventually, when people have nothing left to lose they retaliate.  And from the looks of the situation, the rebels have hit the Saudi’s where it hurts.  Any one else would do the same in a similar situation.


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    Definition of “expert” – A visiting S.O.B. from out of town.

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    If Yemeni resistance did this, one can not blame them.

    Blaming the Iranians for supplying the Yemenis with the drones that carried out that attack sounds suspicious.

    It would have been equally suspicious to have blamed the Russians, the Venezuelans or even the U.S. for supplying Yemen with that technology. Where is the actual proof?

    That said, who knows who really did this or if Yemen did indeed do this, who knows where the tech came from.

    Until further proof, my money is on Stark Industries. (Yeah I know, Tony’s dead. I saw the movies too but as a fan of Marvel comics, I am well aware that anything is possible.)

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    Good. Saudi Arabia richly deserves this and much worse.


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    I don’t believe that Saudi Arabia has actually sustained that level of damage.   I believe that they are floating rumors in order to spike oil prices in advance of their upcoming IPO.

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