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Home Main Forums General Discussion DSA candidate Julia Salazar wins Brooklyn primary

  • shaayecanaan (1052 posts)

    DSA candidate Julia Salazar wins Brooklyn primary

    DSA wins again.


    Granted, the DSA doesnt seem to elect any people outside of New York, or even try to, but their strike rate seems better than Our Revolution, and frankly they seem a bit more rigorous in terms of who they endorse, whereas one is left scratching one’s head at some of the people OR endorses. I would say that the DSA is probably the closest thing that the US has to a Momentum at this moment.

    Cynthia Nixon sought DSA’s endorsement and still lost, but wasn’t a member of DSA and therefore didnt really benefit from the organisation and leg-work that they provide.

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  • daleanime (3607 posts)

    1. Yes…..


    When the going gets tough, the tough take care of each other