DSA member in Spokane, Washington detained by unidentified officers before police violence protest

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      Last Sunday, August 30, the 40-year-old cochair of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), Jeremy Logan, was arrested by unidentified local officers dressed in plainclothes shortly before attending a protest against police brutality. He was detained in a local jail for over 24 hours as federal agents attempted to interrogate him.

      The incident is a chilling development in the antidemocratic crackdown on protests against police brutality across the United States in which local police carried out snatch-and-grab operations previously in New York City, Pittsburgh, and Portland. In the latter city, these kidnapping-style arrests were carried out directly by unmarked federal agents deployed by the Trump administration.

      Logan described the events he endured through social media posts and interviews, which were verified by two witnesses who were present at the time. Around 2:00 p.m., he arrived at the site of a local rally. He noticed a man dressed all in black approaching him, then “looked across the street as two men, also in plainclothes, were running directly at me,” one of them with a green vest and a gun. One of the men told him he “was under arrest for a warrant in Okanogan [County].”

      Soon after being grabbed by these men, a “beatup, old minivan” arrived with up to five more officers in street clothes, who then placed handcuffs on Logan and put him in the back of the van, driving him a few blocks away so that a city cop car could pick him up to transport him to the downtown jail. None of the men had badges or identified themselves with a department. Logan reported that he “repeatedly asked them to identify themselves and was told not to worry about it.”

      Full story here. The WSWS did speak with Logan.

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      Spokane, Washington has more problems than the article presents. I visited a lifelong friend a few years back who moved from Southern California to Spokane. What I had noticed was a lot of young families with 4 – 6 kids roughly about a year apart. So I asked my friend, “What’s up with these young families with all of these kids?” Is answer was, “These are Christian Families, Evangelicals. They are moving here because to them, it is the last place of refuge.” Having studied Marketing and the use of Demographics around the U.S.A. for a project I know jobs are not abundant in the Spokane area, especially the types of jobs to support large families. So I asked, “How do these people support themselves?” My friends answer was, “I don’t know!”

      About 45 minutes to the east of Spokane is a place called Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. When I was there back in 1977 it was a sleepy lakeside village where people seemed to walk backwards through time. Now it is a large Law Enforcement retirement community. There was an article in the Los Angeles Times back in the 1990’s about how the Los Angeles Police Department Personnel upon retirement were pulling up their stakes and moving to Coeur d’Alene in droves. The also referenced the O.J. Simpson Trail, Rodney King, Rampart Division, and other scandals making the LAPD and other LEOs from Southern California feel unwelcomed during their retirement years and having to move. The majority of these people were going to Coeur d’Alene.

      One thing that has been mentioned from time to time is the State of Washington is like two states divided by the Cascades. People tend to be liberal in the west and conservative in the east. This notion of the divide is miss-leading at best, because individual people are more complex verse a group with a cause.

      Also, here in California when Pot became legal (sort of) all past Pot related offenses were scrubbed from the offenders record. Guess that did happen in the State of Washington.

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      Nazis,  in WWII Germany, rounded up Socialist too. It’s how Hitler and his Nazis, like Trump and his Nazis, got money from the filthy rich. The Gestapo has very similar roots to these unidentified secret police. It’s not just people of color the cops want to murder.

      There is nothing worse in the eyes of the filthy rich then a Socialist who believes in equality. The capitalist filthy rich don’t believe in equality or democracy. The greedy rich just know Socialist want to take their stolen loot away and equality leads to clamors for a fair economy.

      The only thing that gives me hope is that most sane and normal people hate Trump. Most all WWII Germans loved Hitler.

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      Hi ob,

      Seems Trump learned Obama’s lessons well from Obama’s days “mopping up” Occupy Wall Street.

      Fascists learning from Fascists.

      All further evidence that the country once known as America is well and truly dead.


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