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    Ecuador's ruling party candidate leads presidential runoff polls

    Ecuador’s ruling party candidate leads presidential runoff polls
    Source: Xinhua 2017-03-10 14:52:55

    QUITO, March 9 (Xinhua) — The presidential candidate of Ecuador’s ruling party Lenin Moreno is leading the polls before a runoff vote on April 2, showed survey results released on Thursday.

    In the first round, Moreno of the progressive PAIS Alliance garnered 39.36 percent of the votes, falling just shy of the 40 percent with a 10 percentage point difference needed to secure an outright win.

    Guillermo Lasso, the candidate of the conservative coalition CREO-SUMA alliance got 28.09 percent of the votes, with the remainder shared by six other candidates.

    More than 12.8 million Ecuadorians are eligible to vote in the race to elect a successor of President Rafael Correa, who has been in power since 2007.


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    1. I wish the article gave more specific poll results about the current state of

    the race.  I had thought that Lenin Moreno’s chances were slim. Is it really true that there has been such a turnaround? I hope so for Julian’s sake.

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      2. Sometimes it's murder trying to get the real story regarding LatAm left leaders

      from any US-connected “news” sources.

      They do their best to jam all the news about leftist politicians, to block the truth, or to re-arrange the facts, or to outright lie.

      The longer you watch their collective approach to Latin American news, the sicker you’re going to get. The US public has been played for decades, and probably far, far longer.

      The US and its military back all US business interprises in the Americas, and want only leaders who will put US interests first, and any leftist leader, trying to put the interests of the massive poor populations first is going to have more trouble than he knows what to do with from the day he announces his/her intentions to run for office.

      In time the entire story is going to be revealed, open for everyone in the US to know what people in the Americas have already known.

      I have seen stories claiming Julian Assange can kiss his a$$ goodbye,  making Assange the focus of the articles, trying to work that angle,  agitating people against Assange in order to secure their hostility against the leftist who would continue to guide Ecuador along the path which has brought so many out of poverty already, after years of chaos at the hands of the elites.

      As soon as I see anything that looks solid, I’m definitely going to post it.

      Best wishes to the real citizens of Ecuador.

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        3. Thanks!

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