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  • arendt (1432 posts)
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    Editor just logged me out and trashed my post

    I had an edit window open. I finished the edit and pressed “Post Topic”. The edit window disappeared and the OP thread was displayed; but my status had been changed from logged in (during the edit) to not logged in (after pressing post), and my post went to outer space.

    I have tried to be super-diligent about not messing around in the middle of an edit. I don’t ever switch away from the edit window. So, this was just the last straw. What happened? Why did I get logged out and my post get disappeared? How can I prevent that from happening?

    Just to cover a potential “remedy”. I have already  tried composing my posts in another tool and copying them into the JPR editor. That is an absolute pain. I am on an Apple. Line spacing gets completely messed up when I copy, and subsequent JPR edits to the copied document revert all the line spacing to the original bad spacing. Not to mention that all the links, bolds, italics, quotes, etc. have to be re-entered.


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  • HassleCat (1505 posts)
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    1. It happens on any website.

    Doesn’t matter if you’re trying to compose an opinion, buy something online, read a map, etc.  Sometimes you will get washed away and have to start allover again.  Since it seems to happen at random, no matter where I am, I assume it’s not intentional.

    • arendt (1432 posts)
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      2. I agree its not intentional, but…

      as I said, the frustration of having fifteen minutes of wordsmithing get vaporized puts me off posting here.

      The brittleness of the JPR editor is far worse than other sites I have been on, and (as I explained) I have tried workarounds.

      But this logging me out is a completely new bad behavior at JPR. That’s why I am asking the mods if they have seen this particular kind of failure mode. Maybe they could offer a “test login” or “preview” button to verify the connection before you press post. Preview is a very useful feature, and I wish JPR had it.

      • dreamnightwind (1366 posts)
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        3. There is a preview feature

        It’s the picture of an eye on the bottom right of the editor’s toolbar.

        I agree there’s an issue re posts getting thrown away or not successfully posting when they are submitted, I’ve had it happen a few times myself. I wouldn’t be able to reproduce the problem, it’s pretty rare.

        My personal workaround is to copy the text of a long post into a temporary place, being a Windows user I paste it into Notepad before hitting Post Reply.

        • arendt (1432 posts)
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          5. Whoa! Thanks for the preview feature!!

          Icons are so non-standard, and who has time to check out all the features? So, thanks again.

          I suppose copying just before you hit Post is something worth trying.

          • Haikugal (6088 posts)
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            8. It may save your hair! Wouldn't that mean the format wouldn't need to be

            tweaked? Could be an answer until the problem is fixed.

            I have not found the preview feature useful or working for my iPad…just an FYI…you may know more than I about how it works.

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      • hollys mom (907 posts)
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        13. happened to me on salon today.


  • Pacco Fransisco (4077 posts)
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    4. I would agree that the auto log out feature is not the best thing.

    I wish the timing would be set to longer than what it is. Other sites I never have to re-login …but I keep all tabs open on FF and so when I shut down and start up I can use the ‘restore previous session” feature. Saves me a lot of time and hassle.

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    • arendt (1432 posts)
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      6. "I keep all tabs open on FF" – FF = ?fast forward? Duh. Help! n/t

      • arendt (1432 posts)
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        7. Oh. Firefox. Got it. n/t

  • leveymg (3465 posts)
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    9. Save it to a word doc before posting if important.

    That way you won’t lose it when you try to post even if things go proof!

    • arendt (1432 posts)
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      10. I'm on an apple without Word. Apple editor messes w spacing, bold, etc.

      I appreciate your advice.

      Since I didn’t have Word on this machine, I tried using the Apple editor. But it does not play nicely with the JPR editor.

      I suppose, as an absolute emergency fallback, I can copy just before I write. That is a better idea than creating it in an external editor and copying it in. Because I’m only stuck with the editing problem if I must use the fallback copy.

      • leveymg (3465 posts)
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        11. Copy before posting is simplest. Simple is usually best.

  • Babel 17 (3403 posts)
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    12. Highlight text – "Copy" or "Select all" – "Copy"

    When I was getting burned as you described, both here and at other places in the past, I started doing that before posting. If the post was very long and/or with lots of links, I’d paste it to a text document as I proceeded adding to the post. And also saving the document from time to time.


  • MannyGoldstein (2286 posts)
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    14. Sorry.

    I just got burned by it too. Will look for the issue.

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