Editorial-It’s time to start shunning the ‘vaccine hesitant.’ They’re blocking COVID herd immunity.

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      Shun the unvaccinated: Require COVID-19 vaccine to resume normal life (freep.com)

      This writer thinks vaccines should be mandated and will solve all our problems but then he sticks this paragraph in. Didn’t  he just contradict himself?

      There have already been several thousand documented “breakthrough” cases of COVID-19 infections in people who have been vaccinated. Some have died. And with coronavirus variants popping up across the globe, for which the vaccine is less effective, we should expect to see more infections in vaccinated people.

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      A goodly number of posters on this site have declared they will not get the vaccine at all, or will wait to see how it goes. Personally, I consider it my patriotic duty to help my fellow citizens not die, so I got jabbed at the earliest opportunity.

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      I don’t have a problem with continuing social distancing. I won’t be spreading or catching anything if I remain unvaxxed.


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      the fewer people will die (part of that effect resulting from the reduction in the speed with which variants are allowed to evolve).

      I too felt some hesitancy about being vaccinated, but based on what we know about the vaccines vs. the disease, it seems clear to that the risks of the disease are far worse, especially if we continue to allow it to be transmitted and evolve.

      I’d remind everyone too that many viruses have effects that don’t show up until years later – e.g., chickenpox causing shingles, or mononucleosis causing Epstein-Barr.  Given the Covid “long-hauler” effects we already know of, it seems clear that the virus has the capacity to survive in people even after the initial round of symptoms clears.  My concern is that even for those who catch it and initially suffer no serious symptoms, as they age and their immune systems become less effective, more serious symptoms might emerge.

      My understanding too is that the vaccines are not necessarily 100% effective against infection; they just have a high success rate at preventing or reducing the initial symptoms.

      So I’m fully vaccinated and I continue to fully mask and distance except with close family and friends who I know are also continuing to take precautions.

      ALL OF THAT SAID, I strongly oppose any governmental system for tracking who’s vaccinated and who’s not.  But I think private individuals and companies should be entitled to require vaccination as a condition to entry into their premises or a condition of employment; and I think anti-maskers should have their heads examined.

      Destruction is easy; creation is hard, but more interesting.

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        Cold Mountain Trail
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        but in the usual way of things, I’ve never had a business ask me to prove I’d been vaccinated against measles, polio or anything else.  which are worse killers & spread via air & contact.  though vaccinations are accessible in health records.

        the only entity i know of that requires proof is public schools, & easy to get around it by home-schooling or private schooling.

        (home-schooling being one of the options a lot of similarly-minded folks use to avoid vaccination.  some of whom are family members)


        For myself, I’ll continue to mask & do social distancing.  And mostly avoid people I don’t know.  Ted Nugent in particular.


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      Cold Mountain Trail
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      Led me to Ted Nugent…blech.  He’s really smart & asked his doctor what the doctor would do different (for teddie) knowing that teddie was covid positive (iow, why should teddie be tested though he was having fluish symptoms so bad he literally had to crawl out of bed)

      teddie’s doc supposedly told him he wouldn’t do anything different whether teddie was tested or not

      and teddie’s not going to be vaccinated

      teddie says he’s real smart but he calls this flu that doesn’t need to be tested for ‘chinese virus’ and says it kicked his ass

      teddie thinks he’s really really smart about everything and has a personality similar to trump’s

      except trump (reportedly) got the vaccine?

      ted wonders what the doctor will do for him, but doesnt worry about walking around infecting other people

      teddie makes shitty music too & inflicts it on others like a killer flu

      (commercial for ‘My Pillow’ from Teddy ‘buy this killer shit to counter the haters and marxists’ )

      did i say i wouldn’t shed a tear if teddie fell off after he peed off his deck?




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      Cold Mountain Trail
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      “In its real life application, the vaccine is about 90% effective. Sure, that’s impressive, but if the roulette wheels makes you one of the unlucky 10%, it’s little consolation.”

      So not a contradiction.

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      Jan Boehmerman
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      That also means that you are 90% less likely to become an “anti-vaxxer Typhoid Mary”!

      Życie to nie bajka......

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      The Orange Imbecile and many of his false prophets in the fringe MAGAtt media were spreading the bullshit idea that “herd immunity” would magically result from everybody running around maskless, getting in each other’s faces, and swapping COVID germs around at will. Of course that contradicts their other idiotic belief that it was all a “Chinese hoax”, but since when do MAGAtts believe in consistent messages or anything grounded in science??

      Problem is that “herd immunity” has only ever existed as a vaccination strategy, so at the time they were spewing this dragonshit, there were no vaccines available, and thus, no herd immunity possible. Now that the vaccines are widely available, many of these same people – who believed last year at this time, that it was perfectly acceptable to drink a fucking fish tank cleaning chemical (hydroxychloroquine) as a “cure” for COVID – are now depending on others for their herd immunity.

      Except if you live in the deepest red part of the red states, where everybody voted for Cheeto, and thus nobody wants inject the Bill Gates Nanobot Powered Demon SuperSoldier Serum into their arms, that’s gonna be a herd of sheep with no immunity at all.  Then what do you do? Build a great big beautiful bigly wall around such places (and try to talk Mexico into paying for it) to contain the virus within these hives of …. well scum & villany might be a bit strong, but dumb & stupidity might fit.

      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable". - John F. Kennedy

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      I still wear a mask indoors in stores, practice social distancing when possible, and occasionally use hand sanitizer. Since getting the shot I feel less worry. After watching some videos about India, I’m glad I got the shot.

      A former co-worker (Trump supporter and anti-masker) sent me an email telling me that he, his wife and his son got Covid. “Very serious flu” he said. His wife is a nurse and he had gotten medication for it. Since he had Covid he says he doesn’t need the vaccine. Perhaps he’s right. He is no longer opposed to wearing a mask but still blames China for giving him Covid.

      A woman I worked with also got the J & J vaccine and had some side effects — headache and a mild fever the following day. That was a couple of weeks ago. I had a sore shouder off-and-on for 3 days, always after sleeping on my shoulder.

      I can’t tell people what to do, but I feel glad I got my shot. Less worry — and it’s free.

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