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Home Topics in Depth Economics Efforts on to formally bury DDA talks at Buenos Aires next year?

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    Efforts on to formally bury DDA talks at Buenos Aires next year?


    (DDA stands for Doha Development Agenda, the Doha Round is the push by developed nations, led by the US and EU, to force the poorer nations to “liberalise” which means privatize, globalize, (and eliminate social programs, when they really cant afford to do that yet, unlike the very rich US and EU. The poorest countries may get an extra few years. If DOHA is finished, its possible the poriginal Uruguay round commitments would be seen to apply. In both sets of  exchanges they will get various kinds of market access. For example,  to services jobs in the developed nations for their professional staffing firms. This may have looked like a fine idea back in the 1990s when there was a perception of a shortage of skilled workers in some fields, such as high tech, but now with every job being precious, it really doesn’t.)

    <b>The 2017 Ministerial Conference of the WTO, to be held in Buenos Aires, could be the scene of a fierce debate among member states that determines the future of the Doha Round talks and of new issues mooted for negotiation.</b>

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