Einstein was right. Flying clocks around the world in opposite directions proved it.

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      Back when Einstein first put forth his special theory of relativity, there was an element missing from it: it didn’t incorporate gravitation into the mix. He had no idea that your proximity to a large gravitational mass could alter the passage of time as well. Owing to the planet’s rotation and the attractive gravitational force of every particle that makes up the Earth, our planet bulges at the equator and gets compressed at the poles. As a result, the Earth’s gravitational pull at the poles is slightly stronger — by about 0.4% — than it is at the equator.

      As it turns out, the amount of time dilation due to a point on the equator zipping around the Earth is exactly cancelled by the additional amount of gravitational time dilation that results from the difference in gravity at the Earth’s poles versus the equator. Being deeper in a gravitational field, which the poles are, causes your clock to tick by more slowly, just as moving faster relative to a stationary observer does.

      But instead, Hafele and Keating both metaphorically and literally went the extra mile. First, one clock remained on the ground at the original location, ticking away and keeping time as accurately as possible: to within a few tens of nanoseconds over the timescale of weeks.

      Second, two clocks were brought aboard a round-the-world flight, where they flew around the world in the eastward direction: the same direction as Earth’s rotation. Because the plane’s motion and Earth’s rotation were in the same direction, velocities added, and so its additional, more rapid motion through space should mean that less time passed, with time dilation predicting a loss of time..

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