Elizabeth Holmes Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison

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      Elizabeth Holmes, the former CEO and founder of Theranos, has been sentenced to just over 11 years in prison for defrauding the investors of her blood testing startup. The sentence comes almost a year after Holmes was found guilty on four counts of fraud following a months-long trial.

      In total, Holmes was sentenced to 135 months in prison, as well as three years of supervised release. A surrender date was set for April 27th. She will also be ordered to pay restitution, though Judge Ed Davila said that amount will be determined at a separate hearing. Prosecutors had asked for more than $800 million in restitution, accounting for 29 investors, but at the sentencing hearing, Davila said restitution would be based on $121 million in losses to 10 investors, according to The New York Times.


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      Something to make you think twice about having any part of these schemes.

      Naturally, some are saying, ‘this is MISOGYNY!’, despite the fact that Holmes defrauded women, too.

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      Mr. Mickeys Mom
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      I realize that women often lead the way, but come on…

      Hell, no... I'm not giving up...

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      she will have when she walks out after 5 years with good behavior.

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      Otherwise she would have walked. Interesting that she got 11 years for stealing rich people’s money, yet there are others that have caused actual death and financial losses for working people still out there thieving away with impunity. Apparently injury to a wealthy portfolio is more agreegious than murder to the 1%…

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