Elizabeth Warren Advised By TFAer on Education.

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      Elizabeth Warren has been for a market economy when she was a Republican.  Now she is for, what I call a, moral market economy.  Common Core is an Obama-Duncan scheme to sure up the private education market.  She is wanting Obama/Clinton/Duncan more of the same.  In my opinion,  Common core is not acceptable by many independent school districts because it goes around what a school district’s parent curriculum committee’s educational objectives are determined to be.  The school district sends the parent driven curriculum objectives to the SEA-State Education Agency’s approval vs. the federal Sec. of  Ed. sending Common Core educational objectives to the SEA for the Local Education Agency, to follow.

      Elizabeth is for taking away local control.  School Districts and parents were very angry over this move by Obama/Ducan.   (Parent committees can adopt parts of Common Core if they agree with the educational objectives for their children in public school.)

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      Still rejected. She’s still for charters, I believe. So fuck her.

      That TFA advisor needs to be shown the door.

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      She needs a real teacher to advise her.

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      Every time Warren takes one step forward she then takes two steps backward. She may be better than the other neoliberals but I just can’t trust her enough to give her my vote. Bernie, Tulsi, Gravel, Green or bust!

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