Elizabeth Warren has something Hillary Clinton didn't

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      The political-insider chatter is already suggesting that Warren might have a “likability” problem, just like the one that supposedly was Clinton’s downfall. And if two or three other women join the race, which appears likely, they will no doubt hear that as well. As a headline on the humorous McSweeney’s website put it: “I Don’t Hate Women Candidates — I Just Hated Hillary and Coincidentally I’m Starting to Hate Elizabeth Warren.”

      Judging by the packed houses at Warren’s events over the weekend, however, insiders may be selling Democratic voters short. “People decided 20 years ago whether they liked Hillary Clinton, back when her husband was president,” Kristin said. On the other hand, she sees Warren offering a fresher appeal: “Her message is consistent, and she’s looking out for the middle class.”

      …Warren represents a stark contrast from Clinton in a more fundamental way. While Clinton had a 20-point plan ready for every question, she failed to weave it all together into anything that resembled a coherent rationale for her candidacy. At one point, her campaign, floundering to articulate what she stood for, put together a document of 84 ideas for slogans. By the end, her message seemed to be only that Trump was not fit to be president.

      Warren, on the other hand, diagnoses virtually every issue — from student debt to climate change, gun control to retirement security — with the same blunt prescription. “The answer is corruption, pure and simple. We have a government that works for those at the top,” she says. “When we get organized, when we push back, we can make some real change.” It is noticeable that Trump’s name rarely crosses her lips, a sign she believes this message can connect with some of the same frustrated middle-class voters who flocked to him in 2016.

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      “Bernie is a Social ist and I am a capitalist and I love the markets” mindset.  People who are capitalists and love the markets are people who will privatize, IMO.  In addition, there is really no regulation Wall Street cannot ooze around.  I notice Wall Street and the banks are still doing very well.   Telling me Warren is progressive a thousand times will not change my mind.  I will wait and see what Bernie does, and go from there.  If Bernie does not run – then Green.

      Oh, and the buttwipe tactic of saying hey, if you did not like Hillary, and you don’t like Warren, then you just might be a misogynist – shove that you-know-where.  Another forking political identity issue-free campaign coming right up.  Not even worth discussing, for me – Bernie or Green.  Finis.

      And then there is this –


      <h1 class=”entry-title”>Progressive hero Elizabeth Warren tows AIPAC’s pro-war line</h1>

      How did Warren become a “progressive hero”?  Say it enough times, and it is accepted as true, as usual.


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