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      Elizabeth Warren is Not Left-Wing
      Benjamin Studebaker

      • Warren declined to challenge Hillary Clinton for president in 2016, instead explicitly encouraging Clinton’s run.
      • When Bernie Sanders stepped in to do the work Warren declined to do, she refused to endorse Sanders prior to the Massachusetts Democratic primary, a primary Sanders would only very narrowly lose.
      • Warren explicitly refused to endorse Medicare For All in 2012, and while she announced support in 2017 she has continued to put out proposals for far less radical healthcare reforms, including new legislation in October 2018.
      • Warren supported the Republican Party until 1996, because prior to this point she worried that “the government played too activist a role” in the market. This suggests that she’s to the right of the postwar Democratic Party. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders spent the postwar period criticising the postwar Democratic Party from the left.


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      I think Benjamin is a bit hard on Warren. I still love the nerd that appeared on the Daily Show to talk about the financial meltdown like a real person:


      That said, I won’t vote for anyone who doesn’t support Medicare for All. And, by that I mean someone who both supports the actual meaning of M4A as a single payer government run health program that covers everyone and gets rid of private insurance and is serious about pursing it.


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      A Rethug in Dem clothing, fine with war, fine with Wall St. She ain’t no fUUUking Progressive!

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      That’s a red flag, imo.

      You wont find the usual suspects writing click bait hit pieces on Warren like they do with Sanders and AOC. There has to be a reason for that.

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      She may not be as “left wing” as some  and more “left wing” than others.

      She’s left wing enough to get my vote if she wins the nomination.

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        Need someone who will at least have one ear for the public rather than no ears for the public. I dream of a third party though and it cannot come soon enough.

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          Yeah, I know. It’s like voting for the thug who will break one of my kneecaps instead of the guy who will break both kneecaps. It’s the primaries where we have a chance to defeat the centrists and push the Democratic nominee toward progressive issues. Once we get to the general, we have to choose between lesser of evils and a third party protest vote. I did that with Nader, and might do it again, but I generally shy away from it, hold my nose, and vote with the Clinton wing.

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      But, it’s far more likely that any 3rd party with a chance of having any effect would probably be formed by disenchanted moderates rather than the Left.

      In 2020, I think most voters will be looking for stability after Don’s goofiness rather than significant change.  Liz isn’t too far left to attract some moderates, and not to far right to discourage the non-ideologue Left.

      I’m more inclined to expect a slightly leftish newcomer with scant baggage winning.

      Tell me, great captain, how do the angels sleep when the devil leaves his porch light on? Tom Waites

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      That’s a good start, IMO.

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        supports getting rid of Citizen United, doesn’t take corporate PAC money and is very progressive in many other ways.

        Indeed Bernie is still more progressive than Warren but she is way more progressive than most in the Democratic party especially for a US Senator.




        Bernie: "Not Me. Us"

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          candidates agreeing with Bernie, of candidates doing whatever they can to try and peel off Bernie’s supporters.  Really, lame old posturing.  And I do not trust a market enthusiast to not privatize social programs, with a cheery smile and an assurance that there are “regulations”.  Regulations in the US socialize losses and privatize gains and the banks get their fees regardless of results – they are paid to gamble.

          In any event, if I am supposed to be all impressed by this, because of Bernie – why push Warren before Bernie says what he will do?  I won’t vote for Warren anyway, but I sure as fork would not vote for Warren over Bernie.

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