Elon Musk’s Neuralink: We taught a monkey to play Pong with its mind

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      The narrator said an iPhone can be paired with the Neuralink devices in the monkey’s brain to observe it. It’s connected “just as you might pair your phone to a Bluetooth speaker”. g

      The devices read regions of the monkey’s motor cortex to observe regions of the brain that change with, for example, an upward movement of the hand versus a move to the right.

      Neuralink published the video as part of a recruitment pitch. Besides software engineers and robotics experts, it’s also on the hunt for animal care specialists to help its mission in “developing ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers.”

      “Neuralink is seeking motivated animal care specialists who thrive working in a fast-paced research environment. Animal care specialists in this role will work closely with a multidisciplinary team to support the research and development of brain machine interfaces in animal models. Staff in this role will perform animal husbandry, administer treatments, perform experiments, and assist in surgical procedures,” reads the job listing.

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      Delivered free with Prime, of course.  That is, if monkeys are cheaper than robots and require less upkeep and can easily be replaced.  They are used to the heat, can climb easily, and will work for bananas!

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      His transition to cartoon super-villain is much closer than I originally thought. Of course, eventually he and Lex Bezos will have to battle it out in space, but we’ll probably all be dead by then.

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      The idea that we could connect to machines in such a way… well, it presents a great many possibilities, along with moral and ethical questions.

      Still, this is a far cry from convincing humanoid robots, advanced AI or the Borg.  From what I can tell, it is currently being developed and used to help people with issues of paralysis and such.

      Could become something else entirely, but for now, it seems at least somewhat positive at least in its potential for medical use.

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