Entergy Resisted Upgrading New Orleans’ Power Grid. When Ida Hit, Residents Paid the Price. (ProPublica)

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      The power company failed to build a stronger system after hurricanes repeatedly pummeled Louisiana. Then Ida knocked out power for more than a week. “I don’t think it’s just Mother Nature,” said one resident. “This is neglect.”

      by Max Blau and Annie Waldman, ProPublica, and Tegan Wendland, WWNO/NPR


      The day after Wilma Banks lost power, the stale, sticky air inside her apartment became suffocating.

      Typically, when her breathing was strained, Banks strapped on her plastic nebulizer mask. A medicated mist would flow into her lungs, making her short breaths full again.

      But after Hurricane Ida knocked out her power on Aug. 29, she couldn’t use the device that brought her lungs relief. She knew her oxygen level would continue to drop. Her heart could stop.

      She dialed city agencies, and employees told her to find a charging station for her nebulizer as well as her CPAP machine, but they did not help her secure what she actually needed: temporary lodging where her devices could remain plugged in. Banks, who lived alone in New Orleans East, couldn’t turn to her friends and neighbors. For 30 miles in every direction — and for more than a million residents — the power grid had failed.

      LINK–ProPublica, Entergy Resisted Upgrading New Orleans’ Power Grid. When Ida Hit, Residents Paid the Price.

      ProPublica and NPR print some facts, heart-wrenching stories and a lot of questions which need immediate answers. But people, that is not reporting.

      Power outage in New Orleans: Is Ida or Entergy to blame?

      by Greg Palast

      In the 1980s, I lead an investigation of Entergy, which runs the Louisiana power system My conclusion? “Entergy is a racketeering enterprise parading as a power company.”

      After Katrina, I investigated their failure to get the lights back on in over a year.

      This past week, Entergy lost 2000 miles of high-voltage line, which doesn’t happen in Bangladesh after a typhoon.

      Entergy of Little Rock Arkansas, became a protected political juggernaut, even taking over the electricity system of London, after its lawyer Hillary Clinton somehow obtained influence with the White House.

      LINK–GregPalast, Power outage in New Orleans: Is Ida or Entergy to blame?


      At the link is only part of the story. If you really want to get knocked out in the weeds, follow the link below:

      LINK–GregPalast, Query search “New Orleans”


      Here is the short story got from a Greg Palast interview on KPFK a couple of weeks ago. Between the fact that the right politicians are paid-off and Entergy is selling electricity on the spot market for more than New Orleans is paying, they have no reason to fix the system. As a matter of fact, Entergy was paid to fix the system and never did. For some reason, you will not read that in the ProPublica/NPR, they just ask questions anybody with a half of a brain could ask. Oh, by the way, the money that Entergy took from New Orleans and never fixed the system was paid to the Executive Staff as a bonus. yes, Entergy had to pay a fine, but that was taken out of the chump change box and filed with their taxes as a cost of doing business. Still, the people of New Orleans are paying for the supposed upgrades.

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      They got a lot of state money to update their infrastructure but spent it on bonuses and dividends instead.  Nothing is going to change until the CEOs and boards of directors are convicted of murder, but w don’t do that to rich people here.

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