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  • Omaha Steve (1111 posts)
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    Ernst faces confrontational crowds at 2 town halls in Iowa

    DES MOINES (AP) — Republican Sen. Joni Ernst met with confrontational crowds in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids Friday where she was repeatedly shouted down and booed over the GOP health care reform plan, an issue which dominated both meetings.
    Protest signs dotted the Des Moines audience, including those which said “Poverty is not a choice,” “Health Care For All” and “Investigate Trump.”
    She drew applause at both meetings when she said President Donald Trump should release his tax returns.

    However, for much of the hourlong meetings in a packed 1,100-seat auditorium at Coe College in Cedar Rapids and a nearly full 780-seat room at Drake University in Des Moines, she endured shouting and booing.

    FULL story: http://www.omaha.com/news/iowa/ernst-faces-confrontational-crowds-at-town-halls-in-iowa/article_a7b17d04-f21c-53c3-ba08-797378632ed1.html

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9 replies
  • Half Century Man (764 posts)
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    1. It's almost like the people she was elected to serve dislike being fucked.

    Who’d have thunk it?

  • PADemD (974 posts)
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    2. Why aren't there flash mobs at these town halls singing

    Do You Hear the People Sing?

    Scare the shit out of them.


  • jwirr (3395 posts)
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    3. Couldn't happen to a more worthy person. Hopefully she got the message?

  • NV Wino (3646 posts)
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    4. As despicable as she is, I have to give her credit for showing up

    • Doremus Jessup (2223 posts)
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      5. I agree.

      Donnelly is showing up soon at Ball State University.  Small venue with screened questions are the plans. I think he and his staff are dreaming.

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  • Iwillnevergiveup (519 posts)
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    6. Do you suppose

    Steve King has mentored Miss Joni at all?  But I’m thrilled at this news for 2 reasons:

    (1) Her ignorance and awfulness are on full public display despite her gorgeous smile.

    (2) Iowans seem VERY informed.

    "Tyrants don't care if you believe them, they just want you to succumb to doubt." Peter Maass
  • Green Dog Dem (3276 posts)
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    7. The question is, did she castrate any hogs?

    Aloha! KamaAina in the hale (house).
    • Iwillnevergiveup (519 posts)
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      8. Oh no, Green Dog Dem

      This question reminds me of that Thanksgiving turkey bloodbath behind Sarah Palin back in the day.  HAHAHAHA

      "Tyrants don't care if you believe them, they just want you to succumb to doubt." Peter Maass
    • AmandaMatthews (65 posts)
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      9. Of course she did. And she was wearing her Wonder Bread snowshoes to keep her

      shoes blood free while she did it.