Eureka! Maybe just a localized-to-me thing, but when the hamster keeps not accepting my posts,

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      even after I have sanitized them – shut up – I just select about the bottom half of the post, right-click and cut, then submit what remains to The Hamster.  Almost always is graciously accepted, and then I edit,  paste the stuff I cut, and submit to Monsieur Hamster again, and that works too!  Maybe the old programmer in me, I like to poke around and try to fix or get around things myself.  We used to call that stuff whippies or tools – they worked, but were not submitted to the ISO and testing people, or documented.  Bad programmers.  Bad!  But being onsite we needed to fix things quickly, not submit a request and have it prioritized and take weeks to wind its way through the red tape.

      Gotta say I really appreciate that when the Hamster says nope, thumbs down, no explanation for YOU! – my post is still there, which is a great improvement over having the post just vanish.  So I’m good.

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      I just tried pretty much the same thing. After my excerpt was being continually rejected, I posted an original comment, and then on edit, pasted in the excerpt. I did sanitize it, but I’m wondering if you even have to do that if you paste it on edit. Have to experiment some more.

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      They pretty much let me do what I want.  You have to keep bringing them though.  I forgot one time and asked the Chief Rodent if I could (just this one time) get a pass.  His sweet reply was “Dream on, mother f*cker”

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